Thursday, December 17, 2009

Epilog : Revivification

A new year, a new dawn.
That's always been the message.
Every year we look back at things we have failed to accomplish, things we did wrong, people we've let down, feeling distended by all the negatives that already surrounds us, we would try and compensate this by making promises to a new year.
Turning over new leaves, or so some might argue.
It gives us comfort that a year had passed by and that we could start anew.
A batch of newly brewed fresh air dissipates in anticipation.
We're all aware that time does not stop and allow us to recover, we need to keep moving.

This year's already at its end, and to be honest, I have never gone through anything like this before. Plans were made, plans were left said, plans was left astray.
As He is the Planners of all Plans!!
I thank Him for putting me through this incredible year.
This has been, if not heart-wrenching, a year full of surprises.
If life is a learning curve, then this year had been one of the steepest and thorn ridden curves I had been through.

"thank you to the people in my life
for putting up with me
and thank you for the time you sacrificed
all on account of me
for all the times i didn't say
the times i didn't say "

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Elegy : Dipanah Peluru Realiti

Harapan palsu menggunting jiwa,
Langkah keliru dipatuk bisa,

Bersilir sudah bayu senja,
Kian kabut pentas pemikiranya.

Ku rakam sebuah bencana,
Peristiwa hitam menelan masa,
Suara memetir membelah minda,

Mencerca masalah serba segala.

Pedihku dipanah peluru realiti,
Terjaga sudah dari mimpi,
Perang dalaman tidakkan terhenti,
Hingga nyawaku terbang tidak kembali.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Epilog: Buffer, The Grand Stabilizer

Our body system, when studied in detail, is one of the most complex structures that had ever existed.

Take our blood, for instance, it holds one of the keys to this system, as it carries the Carbon Dioxide to the lungs to be excreted by means of exhalation.

It also carries Oxygen to all parts of the body after inhalation,ensuring all of our organs are receiving sufficient amount of Oxygen to perform all its necessary obligations.

This two major functions are made possible by our blood system that is always in balance unless a disease or condition halts its harmonized balance.

The Quran had talked about the creation of men down to the core, even before Aristotle and the Ancient Greek Embryology started discussing about the matter.

"O Mankind! If ye have a doubt about the Recreation(consider) that We created you out of dust, then out of sperm, then out of a leech like clot, then out of a chewed like lump of flesh, formed and unformed, in order that We may manifest(our power) to you; and We cause whom We will to rest in the wombs for an appointed term" Quran(22:5)


He is Allah – the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of Form. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Everything in the heavens and Earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise. (Qur’an, 59:24)

God had placed buffer solutions in our body to keep it unharmed and perfectly harmonized so that our bodily functions could not be interrupted, unless its by means of a disease, yet, Allah knows best.

This is where buffers, or more specifically buffer solutions, ionic compounds that resists pH change in our blood, maintains the blood's pH at an optimum level so that all those aforementioned processes would take place.

Such uniqueness of these buffer solution, their capacity to help resist or protect our blood system is still being studied till today.

It is important to seek the understanding that our creation was indeed by God, and not by means of evolution or spontaneous generation. Seek the truth and find the common One True Creator.

-And if could die having brought any light, having expose any meaningful truth, then all the credit is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and only the mistakes have been mine.- Malcolm X

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Elegy: Poison Curry

A little scoop,
Of this afternoon,
And this here tune,
Goes off in June,

Officious puppets,
Walk on with life,
No more questions,
Feeling satisfied.

It's what we are,
And we can't see,
This poison curry,
Began to breach.

It's who you are,
A powerless niche,
Strings of resistance,
Out of reach.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Epilog : After the aftermath and The Eid Epilogue

  • It has been a beautiful journey, I have made the comeback thinking that was it, but in fact it wasn't, yet again I am tested in ways I could never imagine.
  • When I first got the news, like most human beings with rational natural feelings, I cried and was literally breaking down, that was by far one of the difficult times in my life, but you have to let it out and then put your emotions aside, only then you understand, the purpose that you have been blessed by this sort of tests.
  • And all the credit is due to Allah, and only the mistakes have been mine.
  • One other thing that still bothers me till today, is that the number of people who thinks I am still there (Indonesia), those whom dropped by my place and wished me well and gave their insights and advices before I took off, those who came by to the kenduri and was telling me the usual this and that's.
  • So I've decided, until and if they post me a question, I would only tell them what they needed to know.
  • This year's raya was quite dull because of this, I blame myself for being difficult, hopefully this will all go away soon.
  • And having said that, I received good news a few days after I had been sent back.
  • I had a previous offer accepted from Mansoura University,Egypt before I left for Universitas Padjadjaran, but I declined thinking that I was going to make it in Bandung, but I didn't.
  • So here I am, again, I got a second chance in which I am very very thankful for, I know that this is not the end of my hardship, because I am about to experience a whole new challenge, and that I pray and hope that I am up for it this time around.
  • I will be leaving Malaysia for the second time running, next Wednesday, 30th of September, I will be off to embark on a journey and hopefully attain not just my degree, but also I am looking to make better myself, spiritually and mentally in 5 years time!
  • Once again, thanks for all the relentless support and all the prayers from each and everyone of you, I really appreciate it! Keep it coming, and lets all strive harder for our successes!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Epilog : Beautifully Bountiful

  • Ramadan saban hari saban pergi dari kita semua. Pasti dalam bulan yang mulia ini, setiap seorang punya cereka sendiri, ceritera yang menarik tentang betapa indahnya Ramadan.
  • A few days back, I logged on to facebook, only to find the above scrumptious picture of fried chicken was posted by a friend of mine as his profile picture.
  • Sedap kan? That's exactly what I thought when I first saw the picture. Dahla anak jarum jam baru terengsot-engsot ke arah pukul 3pm, doo-gaaa-an.
  • Perut memang berderau-derau merembes segala jus yang patut, salivates your senses la bak kata makcik yang menjual surat khabar di kawasan berhampiran Tesco tu.
  • Jadi petang tu, aku rasa nekad nak cari ayam goreng macam tu jugak, be it beli kat bazaar Ramadan ka or any shop.
  • Then I remembered that I promised myself that I would go jogging that day, jadi aku ketepikan, dengan segala pilunya. niat membeli ayam goreng tu. I went jogging instead.
  • Malam itu, aku berbuka dengan bubur lambuk. Sesudah berbuka, maka bersiap-siaplah untuk solat terawikh, di mana bulan puasa kali ini, aku ubah-ubah masjid/surau.
  • Aku singgah surau kuaters polis berhampiran rumah aku kali ini, dapat ziarah sahabat aku sekali,ehehe.
  • Guess what, lepaih terawikh habes, I was told the more for that night was KFC!!!
  • Then I smiled, in my heart I knew that I delayed my fried chicken cravings and was duly rewarded, dapat dua kotak lagi tu :D
  • Well having told you that story, what about you? Whats your Ramadan story?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quote(s) : George Carlin

" The upper class keeps all of the money, pays none of the taxes. The middle class does all of the work and pays all of the taxes. The poor there? They are just there to scare the shit out of the middle class..." - George Carlin

"Forget the politicians, politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have the freedom of choice, You DON'T!... you have no choice!!
You have owners, they OWN you. They own everything. They own all the important land. The own and control the corporations. They've long since bought and paid for the senate,the congress and the city hall. They got the judges in their back pockets. They own all the big media. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying for their cause. It's because they want more for them than less for us." - George Carlin


I admire his relentless fighting. For all that he fought for, for all he has said, had already been seen in today's generation.
I could understand why he said all those things, and for all of you who still have your blindfolds on, please, look at everything in a different perspective, see the world for what it is.

Here's the video excerpts of George Carlin's speeches..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Elegy : Seloka Musibah Primitif

Warkah ikhlas buat peringatan,

Penuh makna,
Sambutan kebebasan,
Tunggang botol,
Erti kemerdekaan.

Wabak ketamakan,
Penyakit ilusi,
Pijaklah si fakir,
Tempatmu nanti sudah pasti.

Jahanam integriti,
Akibat sapi,
Propaganda usang,
Mengadudombakan kemakmuran.

Indanglah belah,
Budaya atau ibadat,
Agar diracuni taubat,
Penuhi iradat.

Salam Merdeka,sekadar pesanan

Monday, August 24, 2009

Epilog : A Canceled Permit, A Dashed Dream

  • They have had their final say, and I respect their decision.
  • My permit has been canceled today, and I have until tomorrow night to leave Indonesia, and be back to Malaysian soil.
  • Without a doubt, one of the most lowest points and difficult time I am going through is right now.
  • I am a man of patience and tolerance, but one could never hold back and watch his dreams crumble in front of his very eyes.
  • Its just too painful. In a way, I savour the beauty of the this test during the holy month, and pray that I could hold myself together and walk past this atrocious storm, unharmed.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Number 60: A Sincere Thank You

  • As I write this, I have to be frank, I am filled with emotion. It drizzles in a melancholic pattern and soaked every last parallel motion in my brain.
  • I remember, it was the end of 2008, and one of my friends told me, that I have been experiencing a difficult year and that 2009 would probably be the year that everything changes, but he was wrong, its August, and I think I am still in a drab, but with a lot of positives out of it of course.
  • This 8 months has changed me, dramatically, a lot of things happened, and I'd always thought that in spite of all that had happened, it made me stronger.
  • Tidak akan aku dusta semua yang telah termaktub jadi adalah salah aku jua, bahkan ini balasan aku kira adil kerna aku sering kali lupa segala bala, maka diketukNya dengan suatu pinta balasan yang menyedarkan. Alhamdulillah.
  • Today, I realized that all that new year resolutions, all the promises that would end up unfulfilled , is a bunch of hokum, only if when discipline marries with a stringent coordination of life will someone be able to achieve such level of change.
  • Today, I agnized that Ramadhan is around the corner, this is everyone's chance, for a change, for betterment towards Him.
  • The change that you guys talk and boast about of accomplishing said when time comes, but truth be told deep inside of you, you know that time, seems a bridge too far.
  • According to Islam, this is the month, of change, for those whom fed themselves with tainted false epitome that they will change when they grow old, needs to wake up and see the world for what it is, that if they were to start, even with a small change, Ramadhan represents the best platform for them.
  • Obviously there is no rush for such impending change, and there's no pressure to exert, change has to come from within oneself. All must be with a subdued heart filled with sincerity.
  • My friends, I am again reminding myself and all of you, with Ramadhan just in our sights, we should be able to grasp the concept that we are indeed living on borrowed time.
  • Janganlah sampai badan hampir kaku, baru mahu mengaji agama nahu, baru hendak insaf berlagu, bercerai dari maksiat semahu-mahu.
  • All that aside, I would like to thank all my friends for your astounding support that has carried my all throughout my difficult times. Hanya Allah sahaja dapat membalas semula segala jasa semua yang telah penat lelah, keluh kesah dan tidak putus panji doa kepada saya, Terima Kasih tidak terhingga.
  • Berkat doa-doa kamu jadinya punca saya terbang Selasa ini, saya pinta teruskan berdoa agar saya menjadi seorang yang baik,taat segala titah perintahNya dan dapat mencapai segala macam kejayaan berpaksikan cita-cita dunia dan akhirat.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Elegy: Consuma, Sea Silencioso, se Muere (Consume, Be Silent,Die)

Some of us are broken,
We need pieces to mend,
Signals distractions,
A revival to understand.

Powerful hokum,
Fed by their hands,
We'll surrender to,
Without any offense.

Media frenzy,
Justified upper hand,
Thy mirror makes thee,
Lose thy evil stench.

Seed of advice,
To ever think twice,
Credence to our cries,
Otherwise its your demise.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Epilog : Seven Pounds Later...

  • When you have watched an awesome movie, you'll feel the vibes, thrusting right into your senses and its so moving that it rendered a change of views about things.
  • That is exactly how I felt after watching Seven Pounds, I must say, a brilliant movie.
  • I always say that Denzel is my favourite actor, but I could'nt say a thing less about Will as well, he stands in the same breath and level as Denzel.
  • We'll of course, having said it's a brilliant movie, suicide isn't the only way out, there's always another way out, there's always another plan.
  • But whilst what he did in the movie was noble, it was in the wrong way.
  • Which brings me, to say in Islam, organ transplantation is deemed permissible, a person could give away his/her organ IF it doesn't bring any sort of harm to the donor's body.
  • Islam also teaches a donor to be humble and donate his/her organs willingly and solemnly to the cause of Allah S.W.T and to a cause of 100% helping the receipient, and not to gain popularity,money and such.
  • By which India is famous for it's kidney and liver business, its a saddening episode that sees the people of the lower hierarchy having to sell their own organs to condone and support themselves and their families. A system that has been built by man that intends to destroy the hardcore poor and rid them slowly, ok I'm going off bounds,sorry.
  • Back to the issue, another pressing argument which led to a hiatus of confusion amongst the Malaysian community is that the harsh reports that muslims couldn't give away their organs to non-muslims.
  • Which was clearly explained by Dr.Asri, a prominent Islamic figure in Malaysia who was also the Ex-Mufti of Perlis.
  • He stated the perception that there will be no reward and donating organs to non-muslims is an act of no avail is wrongly perceived.
  • Adding to that, is world renowned Islamic Scholar, Dr.Yusuf Qaradhawi who stated that "the act of donating organs are like the act of giving away charity, which is done to both Muslims and non-Muslims"
  • Which brings me to this question, if you were to die,God forbid, nauz'ubillah,just a matter of opinion, would you give away your organs? For donation?...For a better purpose?....What would you do??? Go!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Today I am finally free to post something, but before I do that, I'd tell you a silly story.

  • Yesterday, it was just about 1.15am, I decided to pop in the "Seven Pounds" dvd and watch it.
  • Almost simultaneously as I close the dvd-rom cover, it blacked out!
  • And I'd thought it's only my house, I checked out the whole street is blacked out as well, then it got me thinking, hey, I didn't cause this, right?
  • How could one cause the neighborhood to go on a blackout by pop-ing in a Dvd-rom in his laptop.
  • So,I was facing my lappie,and being myself, curious much, I decided to unplug the power cable and guess what the LIGHTS WENT ON!
  • I just caused the whole neighborhood to go on a BLACKOUT, it was awesome, and I feel guilty, but it was AWESOME!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Epilog : Rekahan Di Tembok Besar

  • Kata-kata khatib memberi efek di telinga sehinggakan kata hati tergerak untuk menulis post ini. Beliau telah menyelit tentang kisah konflik di Xinjiang,Cina semasa berkhutbah, sesuatu yang saya yakin tidak ramai ketahui.
  • Ada di kalangan kita, kobok umat yang teradat dengan mengikuti perkembangan dunia secara konsisten, pasti arif akan Konflik di wilayah Xinjiang.
  • Bagi yang masih tertanya, Xinjiang adalah salah satu wilayah terbesar (1/6 dari Cina,sebesar Iran) di negara tembok besar tersebut.
  • Usah saya dituntut merawi apa usul Konflik Xingjiang, ianya boleh dicari dimana-mana laman web yang boleh dipercayai isinya.
  • Apa yang nyata ianya bukanlah baru sahaja terbit, tetapi ianya kisah sebuah ketengangan etnik antara puak Uighur dan puak Han yang telah berhambus sejak 1940-an.
  • Penindasan berterusan terhadap puak Uighur yang saya difahamkan telah menetap di wilayah tersebut dan juga mempunyai bahasa tersendiri, Bahasa Uighur, terus berlaku dek kerana sistem demokrasi komunis yang bopeng di negara itu.
  • Jadi timbulah ketengangan kerana puak Uighur yang inginkan identiti dan tradisi mereka berlanjutan tetapi Kerajaan Cina Komunis secara menyeluruh cuba meruntuhkan identiti puak Uighur dengan pelbagai macam cara.
  • Puak Han adalah antara kaum-kaum yang minoriti yang terdapat di wilayah Xinjiang. Mereka dianggap alat kepada Kerajaan Komunis Cina yang menggunakan berbagai taktik untuk memiliki kuasa autonomi di Xinjiang.
  • Puak Han yang minoriti di Xinjiang diberi berbagai insentif oleh kerajaan pusat dalam cubaan mereka mengulingkan Puak Uighur. Pelbagai syarikat nasional yang bertempat di Xinjiang mengutamakan pekerja yang berkebolehan bertutur dalam bahasa kontemporari sedangkan penduduk Xingjiang, Puak Uighur terutamanya mahir hanya bertutur Bahasa Uighur.
  • Maka bibit-bibit kebencian tertanam antara satu sama lain, pabila diskriminasi berlaku di pelbagai tahap di dalam sesebuah masyarakat.
  • Kendatipun konflik ini sudah berabad pangkal mulanya, namun negara-negara barat mengambil pandang mata sebelah hinggalah terjadinya perisitwa 9/11.
  • Menurut Arriene M. Dwyer, di dalam bukunya The Xinjiang Conflict(Uyghur Identity, Language Policy and Political Discourse) ada menyebut bahawa pemerintahan terhadap wilayah bergolak itu mula menyarung kuku besi sesudah mendapat arahan dari Amerika Syarikat.
  • Digemparkanlah dunia Islam dengan pembakaran masjid, kekangan menuntut ilmu dan penindasan secara total terhadap puak Uighur di wilayah Xinjiang.
  • Maka tersimpul rona-rona keakraban Amerika Syarikat dan China, yang saling bertukar ilmu ketenteraan. Cina mula diperalat, ini dapat dibuktikan dengan konflik di Tibet jua yang rata tahu akan kehancuran Tibet suatu ketika dahulu.
  • Akan tetapi, saya menyelar tindakan pengeboman Urumqi yang telah meragut 9 nyawa dan mencederakan 74 yang lain. Biarlah sesiapa sahaja yang punya angkara, apa yang pasti adalah bukan ajaran Islam untuk bertindak dalam haluan sedemikian.
  • Timbul juga pendapat mengatakan yang pengeboman Urumqi ini salah satu angkara Amerika yang mahsyur dengan False Flag Operation(F.F.O) mereka. F.F.O bertujuan mensabotaj kredibiliti sesebuah negara dengan cara yang cukup kejam. Antara peristiwa-peristiwa lain yang dalam benak hati saya percaya adalah F.F.O ialah 9/11, peristiwa pengeboman di subway London dan antara yang terbaru, Mumbai Bombings.
  • Arriene M. Dwyer juga menjelaskan bagaimana hasrat Amerika untuk menukar pandangan dunia umum akan Perjuangan Nasionalisme Uighur, dengan mengambarkan perjuangan mereka seakan terrorisme.
  • Sehubungan dengan desakan Amerika, maka pada Disember 2001 secara tiba-tiba Kerajaan Komunis Cina mengunakkan kekuatan media Cina dan menamakan lebih dari 50 kumpulan militant yang dianggap pengganas.
  • Lantas perbuatan ini, dilaporkan telah mengubah persepsi rata-rata masyarakat diseluruh pelusuk negara Cina dan dunia secara total yang mula menganggap puak Uighur sebagai puak pengganas.
  • Dari manakah akan timbulnya resolusi? Jika kaum dipijak kaum sendiri? Apakah bala tunduk akan pertiwi? Inilah konflik masa kini. Semuanya gilakan autonomi ! Kuasa memaksi bumi secara sendiri!
  • Pinta saya agar kita dapat ubah cara kita berfikir, ubah cara kita melihat sesuatu, kerna media barat sudah menaburkan racun muslihat segala, jatuh perangkap maut menimpa! Berdoalah agar puak Uighur dapat keamanan dan kesejahteraan untuk melaksanaan tanggungjawab dan hidup masing. sekian dan selamaaaat~

p/s: I am busy this past few weeks, having to help my sister conjure up a topic for her masters thesis paper and also working on a little project, so bear with me if there's any mistakes, please, I invite healthy comments. Until then, stay safe~

Monday, July 20, 2009

News I Cant Comply With (NICCW)

Berita Harian reported that the General Operations Force (GOF) has confiscated 539 cows and 158 buffaloes worth RM2.8mil smuggled in from Thailand since early this month in preparation for Ramadan and Hari Raya Aidil­fitri.

The daily quoted Eighth Battalion commanding officer Supt Rooslan Radzi as saying that the livestock were seized in 45 raids in Rantau Panjang, Tumpat and Pasir Mas, especially at the illegal jetty in Sungai Golok near the Thai border.

He said the GOF also seized head scarves, firecrackers, fireworks, rice and vegetables, totalling some RM4mil.

Investigation showed there were other smuggled livestock of 25 cows and 28 buffaloes hidden away at another site.


Please help me make sense of this, so they seized the cows and buffaloes, and then what?

p/s: this past few days I have been working on numerous posts,but somehow I have failed to push the publish button. This is because I find one or two of the posts quite submissive and somehow took me out of character. Jadi akan saya coba mengedit semula bahan itu, kerna saya rasa post itu sangat penting,cuma I would sound like a bloody wakil rakyat in it, so I have to edit it, cause I loathe politics,seriously.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Imagination, sometimes it works...other times, it just simply don't...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Epilog : Hala Bala Bahasa

  • Ini bukan bicara politikus, ini bukan bicara sindir, ini bicara logistik yang cuba mencari haluan pendidikan negara yang terumbang ambing.
  • Murid di sekolah ibarat tikus tikus di makmal yang disuntik berbagai macam bahan kimia demi untuk melihat apa mujarabnya formula mereka.
  • Usul megembleng kembali pengajaran sains dan matematik dalam Bahasa Malaysia tidak pasti akan disambut sepenuhnya dengan bicara optimis pihak ibubapa dan juga segelintir tenaga pengajar.
  • Apakah usul ini motifnya sandiwara politik semata atau satu usul yang ingin menyelamatkan akar umbi pengajian dan juga generasi emas yang kelak mendatang? Soal ini bermain di rata-rata semua lapisan masyarakat.
  • Saya telah pun mengomel sebelum ini akan PPSMI, akan kebaikan dan juga keburukannya.
  • Saya tetap dengan pendirian yang Sains dan Matematik walaupun diajar di dalam Bahasa Inggeris tidak dapat membawa ke arah memantapkan tutur bicara segelintir pelajar, terutama sekali yang berada di luar bandar.
  • Dalam usahasama memantapkan tutur bicara pelajar dalam Bahasa Inggeris, bukanlah Sains dan Matematik yang penting, tetapi cara pengajian Bahasa Inggeris ini disampaikan di masa kelas berjalan.
  • Adakah kita berasa yang semua guru sudah sedia ada efektif dalam bertutur kata dan menyampaikan pengajian Sains& Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris?
  • Saya rasa jika seseorang guru kurang efektif terhadap tutur kata Bahasa Inggeris maka halnya anak murid pun semua kucar kacir hilang punca,bukan sahaja mati akal ingin memahami konsep tertentu mata pelajaran malah pabila bahasa guru mula hambur, apakah murid akan timbul minat?
  • Maka jika benarlah mereka2 itu ingin mengambil langkah untuk membaik pulih cara pengajaran dan penyampaian Bahasa Inggeris, maka buktikanlah dengan melahirkan pelajar2, bukan hanyasanya di bandar, malah di segala ceruk pelosok Malaysia yang dapat bertutur kata dengan efisyen.
  • Akhir kata, usahlah diuji lagi pelajar, muda-mudi bagai tikus putih di makmal, pangkulah mereka ke arah membina negara yang maju dan aman, Sekian & Selamaaat~

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Elegy : Reconciliation

Lost of words,
Abandoned hope,
Can we pause now?
We can't go back,
But can we pause now?

Drops of rain,
Tremors this chains,
Driving her insane,
Unendurable pain,
Blinds her veins.

There's no exit,
From this fight,
The only exit,
Is to get it right.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Epilog : Number 50

I have reached 50 posts for this new blog, well not that it's significant and all, note that I have reached 50 with my old blog before, only this time, I treasure this blog more and feel that I send my vibes clearly through its posts. (one of the reasons why most of the english teachers were annoyed by me was that I blend a lot of sentences to make my sentence a very long and arduous one, cheerio)

Believe me, I have more stories to tell, and experiences to share, along the way as I learn more about this adventurous curved road we call life :D

Monday, June 29, 2009

Elegy : Vicarious Chance

Tailored to perfection,
A progress insight,
Empowered to fruition,
My state of mind.

Impulsion complexion,
Visionary cushion,
The revelation,
Blown out of proportion.

Under scrutiny,
Life should'nt be,
Mistakes we make,
Turned us into greats.


"But all I realize is that, the is no backspace in life, all you can do is delete/recycle your memories."


Saturday, June 27, 2009


"In life, sometimes you make difficult choices, one would fail to understand the choices you make unless they could see the better side of it"


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Epilog: New Template

well i decided to change the template, i was thinking like the old one was a bit dull...this one is totally simple and stylish...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Elegy : Tersujud Akur

Tersenyum simpul hatiku menari,
Otakku kemuncak dipukul illusi,
Dibuahkan realiti dari mimpi,

Takkan kulupa hadiah Ilahi.

Sujud syukur wajib diberi,

KepadaNya yang menjaga diri,

HambaMu rasa kerdil sekali,
Pemberian ini sangat bererti.

Setelah lama dilimpah misteri,
Kini karierku berhajat kembali,

Inilah al-kisah gelora pertiwi,

Terima kasiih kepada yang berdoa sekali lagi.

(23/6,today my career is back on track, thanks for all the prayers, alhamdulillah!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Epilog : Sengat Bisa Ikan Semilang

Accidents happen, and this is one accident would go down as one of the worst in my history books.

Yesterday, my buddy and I decided to leisure fishing in Teluk Tempoyak.
But after an hour of fishing, my rod finally caught something, twas a nice "ikan semilang"
I was so happy but I let my guard down, jadi aku pun disengatlah di kaki.
Jadi tak sempatlah nak bergambar, but as soon as kena saja, memang tertiarap atas jeti tu, the pain, was unbearable. Stinging intensly and radiating up my body discreetly.

Doctors had confirmed I'll be out for at least a week or two, and that frustrates me greatly, but I am thankful, it could've been worse, but I am now in serious pain.

Btw, a chinese uncle told me to get some "kacang panjang", tumbuk and letak all over my wounds, way to to traditional medicine style!!
I'll be trying that tommorow.

In the meantime dear friends,please pray for a speedy recovery so that I could walk properly again, haih.

See its 3.50am and I cant get to sleep, the pain is keeping me awake all this time. arghh

This is what the fish looks like

On the way to the hospital

I got a cocktail of Tramadol(2 doses,damn), Piriton and Hydrocort.

Normal Saline to help the drugs travel faster in my bloodstream.

Thanks again buddy, I dont know what I'd do if you werent there, adoi sakitnyaa. thanks nyak!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Final Glimmer Of Hope

I'd like to wish to all of you who are having their upcoming exams, a much needed good luck and all the best, may this fight, open a door to another wondrous journey..

Ma'a taufiq wannajah fil imtihan
(esp to CUCMS Students with their PRO XM& UIA students with their finals!!)

As for me?...I am having my own exam this Monday. I apologize to everybody beforehand and I hope that you guys would pray that I would be at ease in a months time.

As Horatio Caine, in one of his CSI episodes said infamously "...A Fight To The Death..."

all's well amidst the nerve wrenching calm before the total destructive storm.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Elegy : Paranoia Dusta

Pahit Manis,
Hidup Girang,
Silau Kota,
Tiada Bayang.

Suam Kuku,
Pecah Sunyi,
Gelombang Seloka,
Paranoia Dusta.

Kurang Petunjuk,
Sesatlah Jalan,
Lemas Langsung,
Nyawa Tersabung.

Senyum Sinis,
Cuaca Rintis,
Mencakar Gunung,
Ku Daki Habis.

Sakit Jerih,
Tahan Belaka,
Gelombang Seloka,
Paranoia Dusta.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Epilog : Ucaptama Pertama

It's Monday morning, and I was working on something, I was rearranging my documents, my life achievements, certs and what have you.


Unknown Caller : Assalamualaikum, Selamat Pagi, Encik Naeem.

AhmadN : Wa'alaykumusalam, Ya saya, Slamat Pagi..

Unknown : Wah, kamu suara pun dah tegas semacam sekarang ya, lama tak dengar khabar, sehat?

AhmadN : Aik, ni sapa dia ni? Sehat alhamdulillah...

Unknown: La, saya pun kamu tak kenal, ni Cik Usop, Bekas Ketua Jurulatih Kamu!!

AhmadN : Ya Rabbi, Cik Usop!!..Apa Khabaq, mintak maap, Hp saya ilang aritu, number cikgu dengan jurulatih2 lein smua dah hilang... Cikgu sehat?

Unknown: Alhamdulillah, boleh lagi gagah, ha ni ha, macam biasa la, kem dah nak mula, jadi
Cikgu nak la jemput Naeem macam tahun2 lepas, beri sepatah dua kata2 hikmat....

AhmadN: Eh, Cikgu, saya rasa besaq hati sangat dah ni, tapi tak boleh janji la cikgu, saya pun inshaAllah ada program2 saya, tapi kalau takdak apa2 inshaAllah saya turun Baling. Tahun2 lepas, haha, cikgu saya baru ja turun dua kali. Saya cuba cikgu kalau ada kelapangan.

Cik Usop: Macam tu kalau bagus, saya dah jemput beberapa lagi bekas2 peserta, harap kamu boleh turun la nanti ya, ok jaga diri baek2, jgn lupa pesan Cikgu,Semua untuk Agama dan Negara.... Assalamualaikum..

*i cant produce everything we talked about, btw he asked me to be properly dressed next time, lol*

Alhamdulillah, I was again asked to do this for the 3rd time running.

Aku tak punya bakat untuk berbicara di hadapan ramai umat, tapi kerna ketidakmampuan itulah aku lagi membakar diri untuk bersemuka dengan para muda mudi(ceh mcm tua sgt) supaya aku boleh sampaikan apa yang ingin/ patut disampaikan.

Beberapa tahun lepas ketika aku buat lawatan mengejut ke Kem Rekreasi Belia Baling, beberapa bulan setelah aku tamat latihan, sahaja untuk ketemu jurulatih2 di sana.

Selesai makan tengah hari bersama para jurulatih serta solat zuhur, maka aku pun terasa ingin melangkah pulang, tiba2 disapa Ketua Jurulatih supaya aku memberi sepatah dua kata.

Aku membantah, dek kerna aku ketandusan idea dan juga berpakaian agak selekeh dan juga secara tiba2 "stage fright" mengambil alih.

Cik Usop berkeras, aku pun setuju.

Aku nahu spontan itu bagus tetapi mesti tuntas akan isi2 yang ingin diperkatakan.

Jadi apa yang aku garapkan dalam ucaptama aku adalah pentingnya sifat juang dalam diri muda mudi hari ini. Bagaimana sikap kemajmukan dapat membuahkan hasil yang lumayan bukan sahaja dari segi ekonomi bahkan dari segi jangka masa panjang dapat membina keutuhan masyarakat dan menghakis sama sekali sikap autonomi sesetengah kaum dan sebagainya.

Aku juga menjelaskan betapa ilmu menjadi sesuatu alat penentu yang bakal memacu masa depan muda mudi, dan walau apa sekali pun "outcome" SPM mereka, saya tegaskan agar mereka menyambung walau sekadar sijil sekalipun.

Tidak juga saya lupa berkongsi beberapa pengalaman2 lucu selama mana saya berada di Kem tersebut tahun lepas. Saya juga menekankan bahawasanya ketegasan dan displin yang dipraktikkan di kem adalah untuk kebaikan bersama, bagaimana ianya telah menjadikan saya seorang yang lebih matang dan sering berpikiran positif.

........................................ ............................................................ ..............................................................

Kali ini rasa2nya tidak dapat untuk bersama2 memeriahkan majlis, inshaAllah saya akan sedaya upaya mengosongkan apa sahaja petak kalendar masa yang tampak kurang sibuk.

p/s: thanks once more for the award, Alhamdulillah, I accept it with my humble heart. For all of you have taught me more than I could ever imagine, National Service changed me, dramatically.


Friday, May 29, 2009

The Number You Called, Is No Longer Available For Obvious Reasons...

This syndrome I have, Carelessness, struck me once again.
I have been careful with whatever I do, say and see lately.
I have blossomed into a meticulous individual, well not all that meticulous.
Mama selalu pesan "You have to take care of your own things la?"
And yesterday that ill-famed saying was one of the first words that popped out.
On the way back from work, I dropped my beloved phone, I know, damn.

5 tahun sudah kita bersama,
Merempuh pelbagai ranjau duka,
Kau handphone yang ku paling chenta.
Kau terjatuh jutaan kalinya.

Tidak pernah aku menghempasmu,
Maafkanku tidak mahu kehilanganmu,
Tetapi apakan daya cuai membelenggu,
Selamat tinggal w750i -ku.

(melampau2 sampai buat puisi, melampau)

p/s: to all my friends+foes+secret admirers alike, if you happen to have my number in your phones, please text(number sama) me together with your names of course, thank you very much, Selamaaat~

Monday, May 25, 2009

Makan Crew Ep1 : Restoran Peladang + Laksa Janggus

Its time I blog about something different, for once, something that everyone would errr enjoy?


One fine Sunday, Makan Crew drove out to the depths of Balik Pulau, Penang in search for both the infamous "Restoran Peladang" and "Laksa Janggus"

We had little pictures of "Restoran Peladang" as we were only able to arrive around 1pm-2pm.
We had a little hiccup on the way here, we saw a family trying to change their flat tyre, so we gave our outmost help, although in the end the mechanic did everything, but its the thought that counts!

Restoran Peladang

This was our first stop for the day. Eventhough we arrived quite late, there were still a bucket load of choices for us to choose from which will allow you to completely satisfy your tastebuds.
The food was cheap and choices were aplenty, I had ikan pari+kankung+siput lala, hehe.

A kind reminder, if you were to drop by and eat here, make sure you get here at just about 11am, that is when everything is in place and plus the lauk pauk is still fresh

Kenyangggg o0o0o0, Alhamdulillah :D

If you head down to Penang, do come down to this side of the island, as it has all sorts of things that you could enjoy.


The Best Laksa In Town !!

If you think you want to have a say, go ahead, but I suggest you eat here first, sink your tastebuds then try saying NO, you just cant!!

Laksa Janggus Kak Timah, is located in Kampaung Perlis(hey I already gave you the address, look carefully).

The name Janggus came about because the shop is placed right under one Pokok Janggus, no kidding!

And You'll be amazed at how they run the place, nice,simple,old skool and clean, that is why they attract a lot of customers.

Plus, their location are in the middle of a kampung, in which most biz-minded people would say "tak strategik la cheq", tapi ramai jugak orang. Bak kata orang tua2 "kalau sedap mesti sanggup cari"

Kedai ni bukak around 3.30pm and closes at 7pm, its close on Wednesdays.

You could enjoy a bowl of laksa for just RM2.00, and for a bigger bowl its RM2.20, correct me if I'm wrong.

There is also various kueh and a very icy ice kacang to sooth your senses enduring the heat of the day.

Adunan Laksa Janggus

Big Pots of the Kuah makes your senses salivate,yes?

Makan Crew Model (cis,muka tak ikhlas plak,haha)

Saja pun letak dua ais kacang, baru hampa tengok kempunan dua kali, haha

okey dokey, thats all from Makan Crew, whenever we go to a kewl place to eat you'll get to see it!!

till then, goodbye Balik Pulau!! we will be back soon!!