Sunday, April 25, 2010

Epilog : Seriously, Don't Drink and Drive

  • Yesterday, I see more reasons why my friends (who drinks) should quit it. Now, I am of course talking about my friends generally (muslims and non-muslims) .
  • I must stress that a Muslim shouldn't drink, that is the "should be case" but instead its not altogether wrong, today, if you say some Muslims would pop up a can or two of alcoholic beverages.
  • I also stress that, non-Muslims, shouldn't drink, yes you are entitled to your views, and you are entitled to your own money, but this is my humblest opinion.
  • Yesterday, my friend Haseenullah Waheebul Amin, passed away, whilst making his way to work.
  • He was involved in an accident, he was on his bike on the way to Intel, Kulim. On a week where he just received his first raise on his job, it would be that he couldn't see any of his hardwork come to fruition.
  • As he was making his way to work, it was 5.30am, he had to travel early because he stays in Teluk Bahang, all the way to Kulim thats a solid 1 or 2 hours.
  • A car comes from an opposite direction and hit a bike which was next to his. And that bike then got Haseen's bike and Haseen fell down and a car came and ran over him.
  • Haseen died on the spot as he suffered internal brain injuries. The driver of the car that hit the first bike was found to be drunk.
  • I know these things happens and that of course, it is all down to Him, but here's that reason my friends. I see more reason for any of my friends to stop drinking.
  • Because to me, once you have had too many, you are no longer in total control of yourselves, this is where trouble ensues.
  • It is during that time where you would unconsciously choose to drive your car or do something stupid.
  • You could claim that you have it under control, but the question is, how many innocent lives lost before you drunkards realize that people's lives are worth more than having a nice good time.
  • I am sorry, it's now your call, the blood would then be on your hands, I have said what I need to say, now the ball's in your court.

  • Haseenullah, I will miss you my friend, Al- Fatihah. May Allah bless your deeds and may Allah forgive all your wrongdoings.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Elegy : Protes Kebetahan Hati

ang cabaran mula memetir,

Tabah meredah tak rela diusir,

Gelombang cekal tinggalah sisa,

Wajar diperangi sentakan wibawa!

Usah dipukul justifikasi prejudis,
Itu cumanya makanan sang protagonis,
Prinsip dinadikan dengan amalan,
Kikislah kabut dan persengketaan!

Panahan bicara membuka minda,
Agar terkesima segala cereka,

Tercambah bibit pembaharuan ,

Harapan janganlah punah dari ingatan!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Epilog : +ve pressure

  • The torrid week was over, but for me the fight just started. Thus begins the longest 5 weeks in my life.
  • That's the time I have before the start of the final exams. I think it's more than enough for me to get extensively prepared for the exams.
  • The pressure of scoring and trying to attain a proper scholarship and help ease my parents burden is of course getting to me.
  • I take this as a form of positive pressure, nothing's changed, last few years it was the same kind of position and same kind of pressure, I hope that I could just live up to expectations this time.
  • It's always to convert any sort of pressure to a positive one, because if you don't it'll add unnecessary tensions that no one would ever wish for.
  • I will have to be more consistent, and quick to absorb all this stuff. Because to me there's nothing more important then making the flight back home with a smile on my face!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Music Vid : Quicksand - Incubus

"Quicksand" the monster is awake
It won't rest until there's nothing left
Maybe ever and anon
I forget about the pain
Someone bending light comes along
and flowers lean towards the sun
Some people fall in love and touch the sky
Some people fall in love and find Quicksand
I hover somewhere in between...I swear...
I can't make up my mind.

one of my favourite tracks on this album, love it.

Epilog : Conundrum Strikes Back

Exam's galore, heart's and mind verily sore, I pray that I'd be given strength to outwit this catastrophe once more.