Thursday, January 20, 2011

Epilog : Evacuation Emancipation

  • Of Riots, Chaos and Anarchy.
  • Disorder in Egypt. Their hate was boiling, but kept inside, the bubble of rage burst open when Tunisia's act of throwing out their ruler happened. That was the spark.
  • What does this mean to me then? What does this mean to the 10's of thousands of students pursuing their goals, degrees and passion here?
  • How quickly can things change? What does it mean to be stranded in a war bravely fought but you are the non-deserving entity standing there?
  • How sad is it, that when Malaysians are stranded, when we needed to be transported, some politicians could still rant, point fingers and blame each other.
  • What happened to securing the lives of the students first, I had never had a strong side to politics nor have I choose sides. I am always with my stand, but this is ridiculous.
  • And don't even get me started with our mass media. Hyperbole, exaggeration, the likes of which we've never seen.
  • I get it, everyone's worried, everyone's panicked out of their trousers back home, the first thing they shouldn't do is invigorate the terror to new heights.
  • Parents are generally insecure, with their child going off first time into an unknown territory, and the media lashing out all sorts of unnecessary updates, expect panic like never before.
  • Obviously the rioting was all happening, just not all of us are really affected face to face by whatever it is that's being reported.
  • Moreover, what us students report back or complain to our friends and family, those words then spreads out and goes out of hand.
  • In classical Malaysian lingo we'd call this "Talifon KARAT". A piece of news that goes about landing from one ear to another, but as it gets along the A becomes B than it somehow transforms to F,G and so on.
  • So that's the flaw there, everyone has their role to play to ensure only the REAL stuff gets through instead of all this non-progressive, immoral reports that's only going to escalate nerves of already worrying parents.
  • Now that the situation is slowly receding, we are left questioning when we'll be starting our classes, and there are others left in Jeddah who are awaiting their turns to be transported back to Malaysia.
  • Hopefully everything goes well, for the stranded group and Egypt, to be honest their revolution has been long time coming. It is here now, lets hope Egypt gets their long awaited justice and peace they've been seeking. Ameen ya Rab.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Epilog : Revivication from Damnation (part 2)

  • Sleep patterns are all messed up again. But I'm enjoying my new schedule, it allows me to rest and stay up for an unbelievable amount of time.
  • Feels like I am abandoning the laws of nature and skipping time barrier. Yack yiggidy yack.
  • Here's how I throw down. Night during winter is longer, ranges from 5pm - 6am.
  • So, right after Maghrib prayers, I'd go to sleep for 5 to 6 hours and I'll be up at 12am and could push and study till 12pm.That's a wholesome 12 hours!!
  • In Egypt, the streets comes to life around 6 - 11pm. So, its a nice time to be in deep sleep anyways, because by the time I get up, the noise is gone and everyone is about to go to bed.
  • 5 more papers to go before I could thoroughly rest. The 3 papers so far was bit of hit and miss, the last 5 will shape my grades, I think. Pray for me and me results, please.
  • and oh, I am not a Vampire and Twilight SUCKS. End

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Elegy : Astaghfirullah

Dark memory,
Crept back to me,
Reminisce what's gone,
Never necessary,
Did what I had to,

This word "Dolorous",
Ever present in my dictionary .

It's never bleak,
Never not throbbing,
This heart is hurting,
This hurt magnifying,
One second its gone,
Never ever forgotten.

I pray,
Every night every way,
Trying to wash away,
These ghosts of misery,
Till death parts with me,
Sold my soul consciously,
That's inhumane of me.

Float off to future me,
Legs pulled down,
Struck back to reality,
It's ugly,
What I did,
What I become,
Scarred for eternity.

Till the day Death comes, its Astaghfirullah cure me.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Epilog : Revivication from Damnation

I can ask for a million things, but friends I ask for your prayers, your wishes.
This is going to be a challenging month ahead,Rabbi Yassir Walla Tu'asir. All the best to everyone with their exams as well.

Epilog : Moving On

  • Trying hard to make time to jump in, and write stuff seems impossible nowadays. I have never been a regular posting kind of blogger, but from time to time I admit I would love to post some thoughts.
  • It is becoming increasingly difficult because I find myself doing too much reading that sometimes I lost track of what I need to write.
  • Pouring the inevitable salt to an open wound, I tend to go astray with my thoughts and for that I feel an outburst of shame for being unable to convert them to words and postings.
  • Hopefully this would all change, I write only because of my love to portray my thoughts into words, and since writing had become somewhat a moot option in these modern era, blogging it out seems the reasonable thing to do.
  • Hence, moving on. Peace, Love and Selamat.

p/s: need to refurbish this new layout, to you people whom I have linked wrongly please send me your new links and will link it up inshaAllah. =)