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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Music Video

Ben Kenney - Eulogy

This track is awesome, if you must know, Ben is the current bassist of Incubus,
and he had loads of talents as showcased below, fantastic song by a multitalented artist.
Visit his site to check out his latest work.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Epidemic Waiting To Be Unleashed?

"Two years past since the 1.5 million Chikungunya cases reported in India, now Malaysia starts to show signs of another repeat of the epidemic of 2006"

Chikungunya virus
ssRNA (single stranded RNA)
Family - Togaviridae
Genus - Alphavirus


Well well, it was just last two semesters where we learn the heads and tails of this virus, though not in details, look who laughing now Prof Zauyah (but seriously, don't laugh, not cool).
When we were taught about the virus it was not as manifested as it is now and back then (which was a few months back) there were only a few reported cases, and it wasn't "serious", now that it is, everyone is so into knowing what Cik Kun Goon Yah is all about.

Since it's symptoms is as similar to the ones projected by dengue fever (refer the list highlighted in red below) it is also shares the same mode of transmission(in simpler terms transporter) which is the aedes mosquito. The symptoms may start to show in 1-12 days as that is the incubation period for the virus to manifest after the mosquito bite.

Swelling of Joints, Headache

Rash (May occur rarely)

Sometimes there maybe infection of the conjunctiva of the eye and some photophobia.


Joint pain (or arthralgia),Fever (> 40 C, 104 F)

Arthritis affecting multiple joints that can be debilitating.



Bleeding or hemorrhage (May occur rarely).

In one study over 12% of patients who contract Chikungunya virus infection develop chronic joint symptoms.

Currently there's no specific treatment for the virus nor are there any vaccines for it.
In the meantime, the only known antiviral agent which help combat the known symptoms is Chloroquine which helps combat the arthritis brought by the virus.
The fact sheet on Chikungunya advises against using aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen and other NSAIDs that are recommended for arthritic pain and fever.

I'm not an expert but the health departments all over this country should do it's bit to prevent the disease and to prevent a repeat of India's major wipe out.
The public should be well informed and educated on ways to prevent and measures they could take although it's as similar to what preventing dengue fever (you know all the mosquito shooing and whatnot) but the public should be kept at their feet about the increasing number of cases and also what will happen if they put their foot of the gas for even a split second.

p/s: Gosh this entry is dry...but hey it's educational..


  • Microbiology Notes, RNA viruses

Monday, December 15, 2008

KaSutKu KaSutMu Jua

I just love this shoe "exchange", though it was only one way, but hey, now the shoe is said to be worth millions..

"yes, you, young man lifting beautiful black shoe anxiously, you seem eager,do you have a question?" asks Bush

"check out my question, it's embedded in the shoe, I'm too shy to ask questions" screams the eager journalist

"ooh shit, a flying shoe, there goes my raise" the guy next to Bush thinks

"ha-ha duck baby duck" Bush tries to play switfy

" I'll just close my eyes and wobble my cheeks, maybe I'll have powers like Hiro Nakamura, save the shoe, save the world " the guys next to Bush, dreams

"ok, ok I'm not Hiro, fine, but what the hey, i need a new pair of shoes anyway" the guy confesses

p/s: the writer did not encourage any shoe violence but says if it makes you happy then go ahead :)