Sunday, August 30, 2009

Elegy : Seloka Musibah Primitif

Warkah ikhlas buat peringatan,

Penuh makna,
Sambutan kebebasan,
Tunggang botol,
Erti kemerdekaan.

Wabak ketamakan,
Penyakit ilusi,
Pijaklah si fakir,
Tempatmu nanti sudah pasti.

Jahanam integriti,
Akibat sapi,
Propaganda usang,
Mengadudombakan kemakmuran.

Indanglah belah,
Budaya atau ibadat,
Agar diracuni taubat,
Penuhi iradat.

Salam Merdeka,sekadar pesanan

Monday, August 24, 2009

Epilog : A Canceled Permit, A Dashed Dream

  • They have had their final say, and I respect their decision.
  • My permit has been canceled today, and I have until tomorrow night to leave Indonesia, and be back to Malaysian soil.
  • Without a doubt, one of the most lowest points and difficult time I am going through is right now.
  • I am a man of patience and tolerance, but one could never hold back and watch his dreams crumble in front of his very eyes.
  • Its just too painful. In a way, I savour the beauty of the this test during the holy month, and pray that I could hold myself together and walk past this atrocious storm, unharmed.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Number 60: A Sincere Thank You

  • As I write this, I have to be frank, I am filled with emotion. It drizzles in a melancholic pattern and soaked every last parallel motion in my brain.
  • I remember, it was the end of 2008, and one of my friends told me, that I have been experiencing a difficult year and that 2009 would probably be the year that everything changes, but he was wrong, its August, and I think I am still in a drab, but with a lot of positives out of it of course.
  • This 8 months has changed me, dramatically, a lot of things happened, and I'd always thought that in spite of all that had happened, it made me stronger.
  • Tidak akan aku dusta semua yang telah termaktub jadi adalah salah aku jua, bahkan ini balasan aku kira adil kerna aku sering kali lupa segala bala, maka diketukNya dengan suatu pinta balasan yang menyedarkan. Alhamdulillah.
  • Today, I realized that all that new year resolutions, all the promises that would end up unfulfilled , is a bunch of hokum, only if when discipline marries with a stringent coordination of life will someone be able to achieve such level of change.
  • Today, I agnized that Ramadhan is around the corner, this is everyone's chance, for a change, for betterment towards Him.
  • The change that you guys talk and boast about of accomplishing said when time comes, but truth be told deep inside of you, you know that time, seems a bridge too far.
  • According to Islam, this is the month, of change, for those whom fed themselves with tainted false epitome that they will change when they grow old, needs to wake up and see the world for what it is, that if they were to start, even with a small change, Ramadhan represents the best platform for them.
  • Obviously there is no rush for such impending change, and there's no pressure to exert, change has to come from within oneself. All must be with a subdued heart filled with sincerity.
  • My friends, I am again reminding myself and all of you, with Ramadhan just in our sights, we should be able to grasp the concept that we are indeed living on borrowed time.
  • Janganlah sampai badan hampir kaku, baru mahu mengaji agama nahu, baru hendak insaf berlagu, bercerai dari maksiat semahu-mahu.
  • All that aside, I would like to thank all my friends for your astounding support that has carried my all throughout my difficult times. Hanya Allah sahaja dapat membalas semula segala jasa semua yang telah penat lelah, keluh kesah dan tidak putus panji doa kepada saya, Terima Kasih tidak terhingga.
  • Berkat doa-doa kamu jadinya punca saya terbang Selasa ini, saya pinta teruskan berdoa agar saya menjadi seorang yang baik,taat segala titah perintahNya dan dapat mencapai segala macam kejayaan berpaksikan cita-cita dunia dan akhirat.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Elegy: Consuma, Sea Silencioso, se Muere (Consume, Be Silent,Die)

Some of us are broken,
We need pieces to mend,
Signals distractions,
A revival to understand.

Powerful hokum,
Fed by their hands,
We'll surrender to,
Without any offense.

Media frenzy,
Justified upper hand,
Thy mirror makes thee,
Lose thy evil stench.

Seed of advice,
To ever think twice,
Credence to our cries,
Otherwise its your demise.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Epilog : Seven Pounds Later...

  • When you have watched an awesome movie, you'll feel the vibes, thrusting right into your senses and its so moving that it rendered a change of views about things.
  • That is exactly how I felt after watching Seven Pounds, I must say, a brilliant movie.
  • I always say that Denzel is my favourite actor, but I could'nt say a thing less about Will as well, he stands in the same breath and level as Denzel.
  • We'll of course, having said it's a brilliant movie, suicide isn't the only way out, there's always another way out, there's always another plan.
  • But whilst what he did in the movie was noble, it was in the wrong way.
  • Which brings me, to say in Islam, organ transplantation is deemed permissible, a person could give away his/her organ IF it doesn't bring any sort of harm to the donor's body.
  • Islam also teaches a donor to be humble and donate his/her organs willingly and solemnly to the cause of Allah S.W.T and to a cause of 100% helping the receipient, and not to gain popularity,money and such.
  • By which India is famous for it's kidney and liver business, its a saddening episode that sees the people of the lower hierarchy having to sell their own organs to condone and support themselves and their families. A system that has been built by man that intends to destroy the hardcore poor and rid them slowly, ok I'm going off bounds,sorry.
  • Back to the issue, another pressing argument which led to a hiatus of confusion amongst the Malaysian community is that the harsh reports that muslims couldn't give away their organs to non-muslims.
  • Which was clearly explained by Dr.Asri, a prominent Islamic figure in Malaysia who was also the Ex-Mufti of Perlis.
  • He stated the perception that there will be no reward and donating organs to non-muslims is an act of no avail is wrongly perceived.
  • Adding to that, is world renowned Islamic Scholar, Dr.Yusuf Qaradhawi who stated that "the act of donating organs are like the act of giving away charity, which is done to both Muslims and non-Muslims"
  • Which brings me to this question, if you were to die,God forbid, nauz'ubillah,just a matter of opinion, would you give away your organs? For donation?...For a better purpose?....What would you do??? Go!!!