Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Piece of My Mind

How often have you heard of the term subliminal?
And how often have you noticed that in everything you watch or listen has been
dubbed with subliminal messages that has undoubtedly changed the way you look at

Look up the messages behind most of the Hollywood movies nowadays, they always have
a certain element that would suggest that there is either a hidden agenda behind it.

And a recent movie clearly depicts this theory.

Have you watched Valkyrie?

The movie where Tom Cruise stars as Colonel Stauffenberg whom tried to topple Hitler's regime with a reserve army operation called Valkyrie, well thats not what matters, at least as far as my point of being is concerned.

Before I go into what you have been told in the movie, lets look at some facts.

1)Hitler, according to most history books and strong source of evidence, was not a believer.

2) A non believer, making it impossible to brand him, which some might have, as a Catholic Christian.

3) There are also strong reports that shows that he is not associated also with Atheism, so what could he be?

4) Well, he is a freethinker, one who thinks of not of the creator and thinks "logically" and "sensibly" .

Having already said all this, in much parts of this movie there were scenes where you get Hitler going " in the name of God, and much more cuts of his speech that randomly involves God"

Why would Hitler, a known Freethinker, be talking about God?

And the most eluding part is when he said " Maybe God wants me to take care of Germany", this is the part where the bomb had exploded in front of him, but it somehow didn't kill him.

So he is saying that God is protecting him and giving him the power to upheld Germany?
I'm confused.

The whole message of it is the fact that, the industry is trying to depict that it is religion and God, both are at fault for all the war around us since the beginning of time.
This is what they want us to fall to, and this is the kind of portrayal that would send someone with a shaky faith down the spiral.
Let it be known that, they have been at it for years, open your eyes people, and WAKE UP!!

Sources :

-History Books/ Sites (too many too name)
-A few sites that you may want to read up, namely this and this one

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Piece of My Mind....

Erm this relative entry, is a response to this entry

A lot is being said about wearing hijab or tudung...

Ramai orang cakap "..pakai aja tudung tapi perangai sama macam orang tak pakai tudung..."

This is the normal pharse yang we'd come across every single time this issue is debated.

It's just another case of Occam's razor whereby the solution to this type of questions or problems are verily simple indeed.

To me, lets put it this way, when one embraces the fact that muslim women should wear hijab to cover their aurah, she would understand the duties that comes to her as a muslim women.

To lay the blame on the tudung or hijab is a senseless act of a pessismist trying to run away from the root of the problem.

If a girl was brought up and entrusted by parents to cover their aurah, with hijab, this is as far as it could be controlled, whatsoever the girl does with the piece of knowledge or understanding on the rights and wrongs of covering their aurah is an individual effort from then on.

Of course, peer pressure and the whatabouts of the family matters would play a role in developing the girl. She could be wearing a tudung, but still doing things that she needs not to.

Howabout girls who choose not to wear them, whose upbringing is of such kind?
Do we need to segregrate them?
Answer's NO.
This is where girls whom are already wearing proper hijab should be setting an example so that the others would follow and are able to understand.
So that they would feel that even though they have not covered their aurah yet, they still could be sitting next to a girl whom does and talk and feel accepted.
Islam promotes simplicity and how would you not want to be able to have every single girl/lady to be able to feel accepted by Islam when you try to isolate them?

The problem in Malaysia..

There is too much to take account too.
Many factors of which we could delve into.
Obviously, the entertainment industry does not help at all.
I find this as a mockery of wearing hijab, Islamic Fashion or Islamic Passion?

This is the times in which a lot of people in Malaysia adores and devote themselves to certain individuals which brings no sense of upbringing at all.
It is where we have a lot or local artist trying to bring up new fashion sense and trying to blend in culture and religion and to all of our horror, got it absolutely wrong.
We had enough problems trying to fend off the hollywood effect, now we have to deal with the Boleh-wood effect.
Put that aside we have political figurines who illustrates no prime example at all.

I find it hard to conceal the fact where most of the Sisters Of Islam leaders are not wearing hijab or not able to wear them properly.
Well, i've said it earlier, we're not suppose to oppose them, but in this circumstances, we're talking about leaders, the one who sets a prime example, but fails to set one.
As if the mounting talk about the corruption is not enough, the simple prime example is the ability to embrace Islam throughout their politically ridden lives.

The ideal situation (in reality is only a dream differed) is to have every single muslim girl to realize the need to wear and upon wearing will embrace the essence of wearing it.

All in all, the idealist would never get his ideal situation.

"sejuk mata memandang bila pagi2 tgk Sharifah Khasif mengaji Al-Quraan"


*writer has no affiliations to any political parties or any artists.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Elegy - Truth Besieged

Look around you?
Is there something wrong?
With what is to be
Something creepy?

Perhaps it's time to wake up,
It's time to see the world as it is,

All this while you have been blinded,
They have made you not see,
With their lies ready made to deceive.

Look around you,
Everything seems in place,

Intact and very much arranged,
This is how well they have planned it,

No scratch nor cracks,
For everything seems perfect.

Perhaps you should take a closer look,
At what it is that consumes you,

At time they scruff you by the neck,
Digitalized to follow,
Programmed to kill,

This is us today,
Robots on their playing field,

Mere robots on their playing field.