Thursday, June 6, 2013

Epilog: The Peculiar Petrichor

  • Have you ever wondered what that incredible scent teasing your olfactory nerves right before the rain falls down?
  • Slightly giving you the notion that you are in possession of a mysterious clairvoyant power that you can predict the weather,that you are the ultimate weather forecaster, well at least as far as them rainy days are concerned. 
  • The elusive scent my friends,I present to you Petrichor
  • Petrichor, is caused mainly by many organisms in the soil, one of them called Actinomycetes which produces Geosmin, in which our noses are designed, SubhanAllah!, to be sensitive towards.
  • Geosmin is manufactured into a rampaging volatile compound that kicks up right into the deep trenches of our noses when soil is disturbed, by either gardening, plowing or a hard-rain fall. So when a storm is brewing, a few molecules of Geosmin finds their way into your noses, its high time you move on, or you'll be dancing in the rain, which by the way is no harm at all is there now?
  • It's funny how with all this technology lying around,with all this information flawlessly floating about the Internet we never bother to seek, and have the slightest of desire to be hungry, to have the thirst of knowing. It's fulfilling if channelled into the right pathways, mind you. 

O geosmin! O earth-smell! A Elbereth Gilthoniel!

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