Saturday, January 26, 2013

Epilog: A Ten Hut!

Soldiers. Highly disciplined, thorough, knows no word such as quitting unless it is to shut themselves free of this incoherent world. 

Soldiers. Never afraid of death. Always staring it into its deceitful eyes with peril. Knowing that death is jockeying close just as the shadow does follow during the day.

Soldiers. They are not slaves. They are not machines, just plain obedient beings. When instructed they listen, they observe, they put themselves to task, near perfection, close, but no cigar.

Like soldiers we must be, like soldiers we must see, like soldiers we must believe, like soldiers we must not retreat! 

Because the battles ahead is naught but a faint dream, it is a condescending truth that comes with a heavy price, of sacrifice.

I reminisce those times, where order was at sight, order was in place, we obeyed, we listened, we grew from it. A better person, a better abiding citizen. A complete being!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Epilog: of Tittering and Tremors

I recalled one day engaging myself in a light conversation with Tuan Hj Abbas, now the former Dean of CFS-IIUM (centre for foundation studies).

He told me how he feels when he realizes he is not in the know of a certain particular matter, he'd quickly go on and search for books,articles and every source imaginable to help him acquire this particular matter that is amiss from his mind.

That hunger, that drive, that is the thrill to gain, to learn...Talb'ul Ilmi...A vivification, a dream.

That is the level of commitment he had. Once he knew he was lost in a particular topic of conversation,he'd be frustrated and go on and read up on it, not to brag about it, but to fulfil, to feed his passion of learning. Of knowing. 

Half of his commitment and I am good to go!

Berusahalah! Bacalah! Jangan bertangguh-tangguh! 


8 rabi'ul awal 1434H

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