Sunday, February 20, 2011

Elegy : Blank Pages

Clouds outside your bed,
Their shades grew again,
You've been gone for long,
We're back to square one,
The square is now none.

Are we long far gone?
You had to go with time,
I ran out of mine,
I had no more rhyme,
Going out of my mind.

These blank pages,
Intertwined ,
Let this be signs,
Of the us we sighs,
Is the us of demise.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Number 100 : Dream come TRUE


Post no 100, since the dawn of the new year, I had been consistent in posting, so that's good for me, for my silent readers (whosoever you are, thanks).

For all these years I have had football in me, for 13 years I had supported Liverpool, through its highs and lows.

And cometh the day I was standing in front of Anfield, I must say, every single time I watch and hear the roars in TV I was mystified, I felt such rush in me, the chants, all the singing the sense of togetherness.


There's no other place like it. One of football's most feared grounds. I have stepped inside of it, I can now proudly say. I smirked purposefully, I was overjoyed. To watch my favorite team in Anfield, is a dream come true.

Even though I had to save money for up to 2 years, but the experience and the thought of finally being here has blown everything away.

Despite the game being a draw, I had my moment that I will never forget, I managed to get 8 signatures from Liverpool players. (Lucas, Kelly,Aurelio, Reina, Kuyt,Johnson, Suarez, N'gog)

This one is from one Luis Suarez! Liverpool's new no.7 !!

All in all a day I will never forget. Am still in Liverpool, relaxing before I get back to Egypt on the 1st of March, my next visit is a game Vs SPARTA! European night! The dream continues