Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Epilog: ..Of Marginal Margins

  • Margins, visible margins that guide our lives, those boundaries that sometimes fizzles out of shape when tested.
  • These cross references we set intentionally, in order to establish where we draw that certain line, when everything goes out of hand.
  • We're beings with feelings, amidst a mix of it, sometimes we're happy, other times we're gloomy. Is that line that we draw, that sometimes dictate our self persuasion of what we feel.
  • Margins, we need to learn to establish it within our own strength, never allow others to poison our thoughts in changing it. Once the margins are established we can conquer any given obstacles.
  • Margins, it's a self issue, it's interactions, it's public manner. Of how far you can be pushed, to conduct yourself the way you think you should behave, approximate to how your surrounding reacts.
  • Margins, it's boundaries you get to choose to ensure you get what you want, when time comes, when its crunch time, its time for selflessness, pushing for your goals, and not attempting to save others.
  • Margins, is knowing that when it's time, you have to put the oxygen mask and assure oxygen assistance upon yourself before attempting to save others, its about being selfish in a nice way, not in a ruthless I don't care no more way.
  • Margins, it's me and you, its how we talk, its how you and I get where we are, its the understanding in between. It's a trust you can never break, because once you do, it's a crooked margin, with no ends and no means.

"You see, if you ever wanted to ever be anything
There'd always be somebody that shoot down any dream"