Saturday, September 28, 2013

Elegi : Menjelang Subuh

Kumandang sudah memecah kesunyian, 

Masih terpadam jasad bersemayam, 
Ruhnya sukar mencari jalan pulang, 
Kisah Subuh yang sudah hilang.

Pulanglah, wahai Ruh yang berkeliaran,
Agar dapatku berdepan bersama Tuhan!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Soliloquies of Ramadhan [1]

Entering Ramadhan is like being enrolled in a Gym with FREE ENTRY for a whole month. All the tools, barbells,treadmills, weights and every single thing made available for FREE.

If you make use of all these equipments, work hard and combine it with proper time-management of your one month worth of FREE MEMBERSHIP, you might come out of this "gym" having built the strongest muscles of taqwa and iman, also having relentless stamina for ibadah and a determination to always improve in the way of your Creator.

So lets all grab this exciting offer and work-hard to make this Ramadhan our BEST ever to date!

Ramadhan Kareem.

p/s: Ramadhan in Egypt, believe me you, is definitely something else, breathtaking and spiritually uplifting. 

Ramadhan in Egypt [photo via]

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Epilog: The Peculiar Petrichor

  • Have you ever wondered what that incredible scent teasing your olfactory nerves right before the rain falls down?
  • Slightly giving you the notion that you are in possession of a mysterious clairvoyant power that you can predict the weather,that you are the ultimate weather forecaster, well at least as far as them rainy days are concerned. 
  • The elusive scent my friends,I present to you Petrichor
  • Petrichor, is caused mainly by many organisms in the soil, one of them called Actinomycetes which produces Geosmin, in which our noses are designed, SubhanAllah!, to be sensitive towards.
  • Geosmin is manufactured into a rampaging volatile compound that kicks up right into the deep trenches of our noses when soil is disturbed, by either gardening, plowing or a hard-rain fall. So when a storm is brewing, a few molecules of Geosmin finds their way into your noses, its high time you move on, or you'll be dancing in the rain, which by the way is no harm at all is there now?
  • It's funny how with all this technology lying around,with all this information flawlessly floating about the Internet we never bother to seek, and have the slightest of desire to be hungry, to have the thirst of knowing. It's fulfilling if channelled into the right pathways, mind you. 

O geosmin! O earth-smell! A Elbereth Gilthoniel!

source: HowStuffWorks, TheStraightDope

Monday, May 27, 2013

Epilog: Semuanya Ter-Buku

  • Jenguk buku yang belum dibaca. Setiap kali hampir berdebu aku tiup dan gilap kembali agar tiada ada kotor. 
  • Dalam buku-buku inilah aku mencari maksud, aku mengugah jiwa, aku merobek ma'ana yang senantiasa tiada tenteram dek karenah pendustaan duniawi. 
  • Buku-buku yang menjadi peneman setia aku. Tiada siapa tika dinihari dapat mengubat kejerihan, kepayahan berada beribu batu jauh dari keluarga, dari rumah, dari zon selesa. Sini, aku senantiasa tercari, senantiasa dipersoal, senantiasa diherdik, senantiasa disalah-tanggap, senantiasa itu dan ini. Pudar mental dan fizikal.
  • Langsung lesu jiwa ada ketika ingin pulang tidur dan tidak bangun semula. Tapi bilaku belek buku-buku ini, aku rasa semacam gah kembali, aku hidup bernafaskan inspirasi. Aku bagai tanah kering yang disimbahi limpah hujan, segar semula. 
  • Oh Buku-buku aku! Kadang aku skizofernia, bergelak tawa, seorang diri. Kadang aku bercakap dengan sang dinding, tiada punya telinga dimanifestasi untuk mendengar tapi tetap membatu diri. Mengiakan segala yang daku cerita. Dalam suka duka. Selamanya. Terima Kasih tidak terhingga!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Epilog : The Little Things

The little things.

The little things that keeps our spirits in the right path.
The little things that keeps our clocks of life ticking.
The little things that make us see the world from a different point of view.
How beautiful and fortunate that we get the opportunity to experience them.
Day after day, we go about our own ways, we see things as they are, its all in its right place.
But sometimes, its the little things, insignificant it maybe in all of the other available days around the year, but just once, you see things differently. The beautification of your view at that instance, that very moment, is priceless.

Sometimes we take for granted things as they might seem insignificant and it picture paints a lack of value.
Look. A couple of days back someone virtually congratulated me upon acquiring a new land-line telephone number, no matter how insignificantly absurd it may seem, but to them it has value, and surely to me, it pinches my insides a lil' bit. It was a feeling, of appreciation. Of being thankful and grateful, even-though I don't half understand the idea of it all.

But it is the "insignificant" things, the littlest of efforts, the smallest of details, that makes us click and allows us to go on day by day. Before you learn to appreciate them, you'd best learn to discover them, on a greater frequency. Yes?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Epilog: A Ten Hut!

Soldiers. Highly disciplined, thorough, knows no word such as quitting unless it is to shut themselves free of this incoherent world. 

Soldiers. Never afraid of death. Always staring it into its deceitful eyes with peril. Knowing that death is jockeying close just as the shadow does follow during the day.

Soldiers. They are not slaves. They are not machines, just plain obedient beings. When instructed they listen, they observe, they put themselves to task, near perfection, close, but no cigar.

Like soldiers we must be, like soldiers we must see, like soldiers we must believe, like soldiers we must not retreat! 

Because the battles ahead is naught but a faint dream, it is a condescending truth that comes with a heavy price, of sacrifice.

I reminisce those times, where order was at sight, order was in place, we obeyed, we listened, we grew from it. A better person, a better abiding citizen. A complete being!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Epilog: of Tittering and Tremors

I recalled one day engaging myself in a light conversation with Tuan Hj Abbas, now the former Dean of CFS-IIUM (centre for foundation studies).

He told me how he feels when he realizes he is not in the know of a certain particular matter, he'd quickly go on and search for books,articles and every source imaginable to help him acquire this particular matter that is amiss from his mind.

That hunger, that drive, that is the thrill to gain, to learn...Talb'ul Ilmi...A vivification, a dream.

That is the level of commitment he had. Once he knew he was lost in a particular topic of conversation,he'd be frustrated and go on and read up on it, not to brag about it, but to fulfil, to feed his passion of learning. Of knowing. 

Half of his commitment and I am good to go!

Berusahalah! Bacalah! Jangan bertangguh-tangguh! 


8 rabi'ul awal 1434H

p/s: images all rights reserved