Thursday, December 17, 2009

Epilog : Revivification

A new year, a new dawn.
That's always been the message.
Every year we look back at things we have failed to accomplish, things we did wrong, people we've let down, feeling distended by all the negatives that already surrounds us, we would try and compensate this by making promises to a new year.
Turning over new leaves, or so some might argue.
It gives us comfort that a year had passed by and that we could start anew.
A batch of newly brewed fresh air dissipates in anticipation.
We're all aware that time does not stop and allow us to recover, we need to keep moving.

This year's already at its end, and to be honest, I have never gone through anything like this before. Plans were made, plans were left said, plans was left astray.
As He is the Planners of all Plans!!
I thank Him for putting me through this incredible year.
This has been, if not heart-wrenching, a year full of surprises.
If life is a learning curve, then this year had been one of the steepest and thorn ridden curves I had been through.

"thank you to the people in my life
for putting up with me
and thank you for the time you sacrificed
all on account of me
for all the times i didn't say
the times i didn't say "

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Elegy : Dipanah Peluru Realiti

Harapan palsu menggunting jiwa,
Langkah keliru dipatuk bisa,

Bersilir sudah bayu senja,
Kian kabut pentas pemikiranya.

Ku rakam sebuah bencana,
Peristiwa hitam menelan masa,
Suara memetir membelah minda,

Mencerca masalah serba segala.

Pedihku dipanah peluru realiti,
Terjaga sudah dari mimpi,
Perang dalaman tidakkan terhenti,
Hingga nyawaku terbang tidak kembali.