Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Soliloquies of Ramadhan [1]

Entering Ramadhan is like being enrolled in a Gym with FREE ENTRY for a whole month. All the tools, barbells,treadmills, weights and every single thing made available for FREE.

If you make use of all these equipments, work hard and combine it with proper time-management of your one month worth of FREE MEMBERSHIP, you might come out of this "gym" having built the strongest muscles of taqwa and iman, also having relentless stamina for ibadah and a determination to always improve in the way of your Creator.

So lets all grab this exciting offer and work-hard to make this Ramadhan our BEST ever to date!

Ramadhan Kareem.

p/s: Ramadhan in Egypt, believe me you, is definitely something else, breathtaking and spiritually uplifting. 

Ramadhan in Egypt [photo via TIME.com]