Friday, November 28, 2014

1. Contact Inhibition

Loss of contact inhibition.

This is one of the many characteristics of a Malignant neoplasm (in simpler terms Tumor or a type of Cancer).

Contact inhibition keep cells in our body in check. Imagine if you will, two cells, A and B, both growing side by side, at a steady rate. Contact inhibition help the cells to grow simultaneously without having to outgrow or encroach each other's space. When a cell experiences loss of inhibition it will outgrow it's neighbour and go out of control.

Such is the case when it comes to our lives, we always need to push each other, in a positive direction, so that we'll both grow in an appreciable manner. In certain situations, you'll see someone close improve or become better, this keeps you in check, allows you to work, make amends and improve as well.

This is the case with many great sports teams, they have a few individuals who are better than the rest, who are constantly improving and consistently performing that it'll lift those around them to do better as well. That's a characteristic that is alien to many, but whenever present it's such an invaluable asset.

It's always great to see someone close to us achieve something great, but sometimes our ego gets in the way,pries it way into your brain and tells you to hate it. Never allow that to happen, always keep it in place and use the achievement of others to help aspire ourselves to be better.

When a cell loses it's contact inhibition, it goes out of control, and that'll lead to something called Metaplasia, whereby it changes it's shape into something different, different from it's neighbouring cells. Can you imagine being one of those cells, looking at the metaplasia ridden cell, high and mighty, all coked up with success and  it has literally forget what it was once before. Never let success change who you once were, we're all self-conscious but never in a million years will we ever admit it. Don't ever lose your contact inhibition, it keeps you in place, peaceful and satisfied.  

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Elegi : Aturan Leksikon

Susun gerak langkah,
Berkunjung ke kamar ingatanya,
Terkenang peristiwa,
Pabila jiwa dirayapi sepi,
Itulah insan,
Tatkala suka,
Dikuap damai dan tenang,
Singgah sang badai,
Memberi ingat,
Dalam suka,
Bertatih ke langit,
Tanpa disangka,
Petir memanah,
Oh perit!
Terhumban ke realiti,
Imaginasi kaku,
Kematian bicara,
Tiada lagi mimpi-mimpi,
Lolos ruh dari jasad ini.