Monday, September 19, 2011

Epilog : Changes Afoot

  • People change, a classic cliche, everyone uses it just about a million times to express changes around them.
  • Every single being has their take on people changing, but its difficult caving into giving an opinion as it'll be biased on so many levels of scrutiny.
  • We expect people to change completely. That doesn't happen to everyone. For change possess a very unique etiquette about it.
  • Time is a variable you'd best not compress, you can't force change upon someone. That's a mistake almost all of us will certainly commit, if not now, sometime in the near future.
  • "Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, No matter how slow" - Plato
  • Plato's words never truer in this case. No one man should be discouraged when changing or even exploring the option of changing.
  • Change. Growing up, I'm sure everyone has gone through their fair share of ups and downs. As I'd lightly put it, its like a black box. A box that shouldn't open even if death is upon them. That pandora box which contains all of our deepest secrets needed to be locked away and the key churned to bits.
  • In order to move on, we need not people misjudging us for our past mistakes, our past is only for our knowledge, the knowledge of not repeating such mistakes and the understanding that it has made us stronger ever since.
  • Notice how I used misjudging, instead of judging. I have a positive belief that people don't just judge for the sake of judging, they are often in the dark about the situation and come up with their misjudgements.
  • Change. If a person even had a hint of progress, never bring them down. Nurture them towards strengthening that progress. Everyone has their variable upon time. We should know better than to push and shove for change.
  • A brilliant hadeeth I came across is one where a prostitute helped to relief the thirst of a dog and ended up being in Heaven. God work in many ways we can't even comprehend, and it is a beautiful thing.
  • Time. A Variable people will always yearn upon to force some people to change. Allah's guidance(hedaya') comes in many many miraculous ways.
  • Never judge. Never ever force change. Let it flow. Like drops of water on hard impenetrable rocks, it will soon soften the edges before reaching the insides. Wallahualam'

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Elegy : A Sonnet for Palestine (edited 2009 version)

A Sonnet for Palestine

By Ahmad Naeem Bin Mohd Nadir

O when time comes,

They will see,

They will beg,

But how will we react?

To these nonchalant cries of help?

This boy with a stone in his hand,

Lashing the Zions monstrous tanks,

A process of David vs Goliath,

With fight and trust is in Allah,

This kid defends his sacred land,

An unfair fight till the end.

A death sentence that leads to paradise,

A cause they suffer to suffice,

They will ask then,

Oh where, where were we?

We so called pompous populace,

Sat back and watch the Quds subside!!

Our prayers is what they need,

Together standing we are as one creed,

Let our souls intertwine as one,

Struggles we’ll face together no longer we’ll run,

Show the world the unity that lies within,

Let them have it,

Let them see true passion indeed.

Our prayers like bullets,

Let them fly,

Shoot down the Zionist barricades,

Our prayers like armors,

Let them seek,

Protect the Quds and that He will fulfill their needs.

This blood they feed on,

Dead bodies they lie upon,

Let’s pray, let’s all pray,

Let them be strong,

For this fight is going to last quite long.

Prophecy dictates our victory after swansong!

NB. Originally written back in 2009, “refurbished” in 2011. With love and all truest of beliefs that Palestine will be free, inshaAllah.