Monday, December 13, 2010

Elegy : Breakdown


It's a fact you can't deny.
This is a breakdown,
Pull the trigger,
Watch me collide.

We pour gasoline,
Burning wounds,
Incinerate our insides,
We'll never heal em' back.

We both tried,
Calamity in quakes of travesty,
Bombing our worlds,
With more hate,
Hopes begun to fade.

It's a fact you can't deny.
This is a breakdown,
Pull the trigger,
Watch me collide.

(photo source: Tumblr, all rights reserved)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Epilog : The Humble Pie of Knowledge

  • Today, I read something. I knew it was something because with this substantial input I have a new, albeit old, discovery. But what do I do about it?
  • Does this mean what I have is recycled knowledge? It might be, to certain extent, but the value of knowledge, recycled or pure, seems undervalued by many of us.
  • Why do we read? Why students embattled countless of sleeping hours in order to study? The answers given are likely Grade compliant, we're no longer a society which seeks virtues in attaining knowledge, we're fast becoming a bunch of Grade suckers.
  • What we all fail to realize that knowledge, is best when its essence is put to practice.
  • This attitude of "churning notes and regurgitating them on the day of the exam is fast becoming a trend every corner of the globe.
  • We no longer seek knowledge for what it is. We're a bunch of grade suckers, you and I.
  • We're seeking approval of people, the praises, the hope that our mammoth of a grade would be noticed by all those who are around us.
  • What we fail to realize is, when we continue to chase grades, the longer it is our lives will be under constant pressure.
  • Pressure which at first seems positive, shaped and convoluted into a negative imagery of despair. The knowledge henceforth is lodged into short term mode.
  • We need to appreciate knowledge and its essence. Be proud of new things, facts and findings which we learn instead of being portentous with grades.
  • Only then will we feel the respect and the appreciation towards knowledge like never before.
  • Lest we chase the approval of others rather than self satisfaction of acquiring knowledge like never before.
  • Grades will come eventually, and when its coupled with appreciated knowledge and prayers, one could then be a fully fledgling being fulfilling his duties.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Elegy : Pictorial Hemisphere

Lens of nature,
The eyes discover,
The power of wonder,
Our pictorial hemisphere.

Covering cracks of disaster,
We tend to paper them over,
This flower's gonna bloom fire,
Lit up by man's evil desire.

Demise of character,
Apprehending answer,
Her fall from power,
Portrait of anger.

Pictorial hemisphere,
Amnesia clears the weather,
Forgets it ever after,
Historical death by plunder.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

VIDEO : The Truth of Timeline in History?

Have this video maker made all his points and are these points/conclusions drawn within the means of Quran and Hadith? I don't think so, and this is why

its easy to jump to theories, and we certainly love the easy conclusions made. But if we were to live our lives as true muslims, these conclusions, hypotheses have to be made on the basis after consulting the hadith and Quran. wallahu'alam

Monday, July 19, 2010

Epilog : The Islamic Pick Up Lines.

Once in a while we all like a good laugh. Got this one from Effy, this are Islamic pick-up lines, I bet you're already laughing, enjoy!

  • Marry me so I don't have to lower my gaze every time you walk into the room.
  • Would you like to help me wake you up for Subuh prayer?
  • Girl, when I saw you I said masha-Allah, then I said insha-Allah.
  • Are your feet tired? Because you've been performing Tawaaf in my mind all day long.
  • How would you like to help me fulfill half of my deen?
  • You are the reason hijab was mandated.
  • Allah created everything in pairs, so what are you doing single?
  • I'd like to be more than just your brother in Islam.
  • Do you believe in the hereafter? Oh you do? Then you know what I'm here after.
  • Girl you put the fit in fitna.

Which one is your favourite

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Better Than Ezra - Overcome

Epilog : KTM

  • Dah hampir setahun tak balik Malaysia, rasa macam tak banyak yang patut berubah, lagipun most of the changes boleh dikenalpasti boleh baca online.
  • Minggu lepas, nak gerak dari Subang to KL Sentral. Jadi kena naik KTM Subang.
  • Bayaq RM1.40 kot kalau tak silap, then waited for KTM to arrive (which was kinda like forever,lol).
  • Bila tren sampai, dengan beg-pack yang agak berat, bergegas la naik gerabak, tapi heran jugak. Tgk ada this one gerabak takdak orang push and shove.
  • My choice of the bunch, so I hopped on, and was amazed to find out that I was the only guy there, I was like whoa.
  • Ada abang KTM pulak mai, pulled me up to the side and whispered "Adik, ni gerabak untuk perumpuan saja"
  • ouch. Malaysia has changed, lol.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Elegy : Panji Jumaat

hari jumaat penuh keberkatan,
carilah segala kesempatan,
sanggahlah segala kesulitan,
layarilah penuh perasaan,
bersedia berdepan Tuhan,
ke masjid awal mencari pahala kebaikan.

Song: Three Days Grace - Last To Know

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Elegy : Inside

It feels safe on the inside,
I lie awake,

Knowing that it's ok,
To stay, on the inside.


Seize your everything,
Lies that they believe,

Sold by baseless thieves.

Just as you belong,

You can sing this song,

Trapped in the cycle,

With your one armed rifle.

It feels safe on the inside,

I lie awake,
Knowing that it's ok,
To stay, on the inside.

It's dark on the inside.
Darker it is the outside,
Roam the streets you may,
Seeking that of which had gone astray.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Epilog : Square One

  • The semester closed its rigid curtains a few days back. I am unsure of what exactly I am feeling, a mix of gloom and doom powdered with sprinkles of happiness and excitement.
  • After years of carefully and meticulous planning, I have finally unlocked my true potential, but twas not good enough as I only did it with 2 subjects remaining during the torrid exam week.
  • Anyways I am still thankful that I discovered my capabilities, when pushed and strained. The results is something I'd plant in the back burner as I am in the belief that I could reproduce such strength, InshaAllah (God Willing), next time out.
  • I am also left frustrated as I let petty little things which are rather personal, get to me and my concentration towards the single most important thing, my results.
  • The only thing is that, next semester will place me in a more unbending space as I face clan of subjects that are ready to munch my nerves and senses away as soon as the bells starts.
  • But my mind is now set on the holidays that I would enjoy with family and friends alike. 3 months of free time, I am smirking now. See you soon, Pulau Pinang Pulau Mutiara :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Epilog : Harrowdown Hill

"I'm coming home I'm coming home
To make it all right
So dry your eyes
We think the same things at the same time
We just cant do anything about it"

I have put up with unbelievable volumes of rain, so to speak, its my time to experience the true taste of the rainbow. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Epilog : Studying Pharmacy in Egypt

Even though some might argue that I am in no position to write this, as I am a student in the Faculty, I would assure you that I will stay unbiased, transparent and highlight everything to make it all clear to you, InshaAllah (by God's will). I am posting of course, from a Malaysian point of view. Together we will delve into the requirements, course expectations, costs and life.

First and foremost, I would like for all of you to know, up till today there's only 2 students whom had actually graduated from Egypt, both of them being dean's of their respective universities. Prof. Dr. Aishah Adam and also Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jantan. (you may click and learn more about them on the hyperlinks)

**correction, there's 20 or more students whom had graduated, the details will be posted soon, inshaAllah**

scenes at Faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University


1. Time

  • The degree is an approximate 5 years (10 semesters) full time study program. Each semester is made up of 15 weeks.
  • When talking about time, I'd highly recommend those current/ fresh SPM leavers to apply. Because the duration of time is just about the same in Malaysia as 5 years in Egypt is accompanied by foundation studies as well, so its basically 1+4.
  • On the other hand students whom had already completed their A-levels, or diploma is highly advised to try out Indonesia, if you don't give 2 cents about the duration, then you're more than welcome. :)

2. Cost
  • Recently the tuition fees went up, hence as aforementioned above, its VALUE for money for fresh school leavers, but for students coming from other sort of studying backgrounds should think twice, as there are better options.
  • The cost of 5 years tuition fees is 40,000 USD which is RM 128,340.oo (8000 USD per year, RM25,668.00).
  • There's always a possible chance to tie up with some scholarships depending on your first year results.
  • Again, the fees, to be honest, is the only barricade to me, because there are better options available in Indonesia and Malaysia itself, given that you're qualified and not a fresh school leaver.

3. Language Barrier
  • It's a common knowledge for all students studying overseas that overcoming the language barrier is one of the topmost priority when studying abroad.
  • It is one of those things where I'd say you'd had to put yourself to the task, it is a MUST, in my humble opinion, to grasp Egyptian Arabic (Ammiya') as it would do wonders for you!

4. Mental

  • One of the most pivotal aspects of coming to Egypt and choosing set universities is to be mentally prepared for the challenge.
  • Honestly, you will feel an exuberance at first, but you need to continue to feel positive, that's the intent, as you will be tested many many times whilst in Egypt.
  • Not only by means of studying but also the outside world, the living, every single aspect will be tested, but I assure you, with the right positive mind and determination, you will, by God's will, be successful.



1. Education System

  • In all my years learning in Malaysia, I think there's always a flaw to the system. But trust me when I tell you that studying Pharmacy in Egypt is a different kettle of fish.
  • In my humblest opinion, the practicality aspect trumps our system in a manner we could never imagine.
  • I had never experience such useful insight towards practical/ lab work before in my entire university life.
  • Let me highlight the marking system, lets take a subject for instance, Pharmacognosy ;-
in Malaysia, generally it is broken down to ( 10% Quizzes,Presentation, 20%Mid Term, 70% Finals)

in Egypt, its rather specific ( 15% Oral Exam, 25% Practical, 10% Quizzes, 50% Finals)
  • the Oral examination is another plus side that makes the Education system stands out. It's basically one on one with the lecturer in which would determine the level of understanding the student has after undergoing the course/ subject for one whole semester.
  • the Practical exam is encompasses of all the lab work each student had undergone all throughout the semester. Mind you, that the Practical/ Lab work for each subject is a strong 2-3 hour per week, so you have a lot of practical work all week long, giving the students a broad perspective of the ability to implement theory into practicality.
  • the 5 year duration of study encompasses all kinds of material of learning that is lacking in general in Malaysia. I think its quite difficult to insert a table or such of what we learn over here in a complete motion, so if any of you want the list of studying subjects, by all means, leave your mail in the comment box, and I will try my best to send you a study guide.
  • one Last point which is worth mentioning is the strict and high standard marking system they employ over here. For instance in order to obtain A- you must attain a strong 85-90%, and A is 90% and above. Passing mark is 60, so you could imagine how difficult it is to pass and to score, which is in a long run, I believe, could help mould determination of future pharmacists!

2. Malaysian Hospitality

  • I can assure you, that the Pharmacy faculty in Mansoura, caters to each student needs. We have an unshakable committed access to voice our discontents or pleasures to the Vice Dean or Dean himself as the faculty seek to cater and improve their system from time to time.
  • Another thing is that, they have had a few subjects changed and introduced a complimentary Arabic class in order to assist the student to be better equipped with the language.
  • Another interesting point to add is that, we managed to secure deals with the Dean that our practical training be conducted in Malaysia instead of Egypt as it is more clinically relevant. The local students in our class had been all so helpful, they will always be there to guide the Malaysians students and assist with any needs or inquiries.
***Not that I can't find more Pro's but for me the Education point was the standout one and if you learn to appreciate your purpose and objectives, then that's more than enough reason for one's to endure this hardships in order to be a successful pharmacist!***

3. Others

  • In all honesty, I think going away from your hometown/ country, shapes you to be more independent and more mature. These are secondary Pro's compared to the first point.
  • I think morality is key and with the right guidance, a person could shape themselves to be more subservient towards God, Religion and Humanity. In Egypt, the platform, the richness of historical facts,sights and Islamic revolution are hidden secrets that you could learn about by talking to people and visiting sights.
  • So this will also build your knowledge towards Islam, and historical values that would shake your thoughts in an unfashionable way.
  • The other thing is that, in Egypt, Mansoura specifically, the entertainment values are on the low, so there's no cinemas or malls, so in an ominous way, students experiences a kind of an entertainment drought.
  • So, the focus falls slightly more on the studying side, but, access to internet is still available so it's still up to the student themselves to ensure that they stay focus.

I hope that the topics discussed would've clarified and gave everyone a strong hint of what studying Pharmacy in Egypt is like, if there's anymore inquiries, feel free to send me an email at Peace and Love.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Epilog : Seriously, Don't Drink and Drive

  • Yesterday, I see more reasons why my friends (who drinks) should quit it. Now, I am of course talking about my friends generally (muslims and non-muslims) .
  • I must stress that a Muslim shouldn't drink, that is the "should be case" but instead its not altogether wrong, today, if you say some Muslims would pop up a can or two of alcoholic beverages.
  • I also stress that, non-Muslims, shouldn't drink, yes you are entitled to your views, and you are entitled to your own money, but this is my humblest opinion.
  • Yesterday, my friend Haseenullah Waheebul Amin, passed away, whilst making his way to work.
  • He was involved in an accident, he was on his bike on the way to Intel, Kulim. On a week where he just received his first raise on his job, it would be that he couldn't see any of his hardwork come to fruition.
  • As he was making his way to work, it was 5.30am, he had to travel early because he stays in Teluk Bahang, all the way to Kulim thats a solid 1 or 2 hours.
  • A car comes from an opposite direction and hit a bike which was next to his. And that bike then got Haseen's bike and Haseen fell down and a car came and ran over him.
  • Haseen died on the spot as he suffered internal brain injuries. The driver of the car that hit the first bike was found to be drunk.
  • I know these things happens and that of course, it is all down to Him, but here's that reason my friends. I see more reason for any of my friends to stop drinking.
  • Because to me, once you have had too many, you are no longer in total control of yourselves, this is where trouble ensues.
  • It is during that time where you would unconsciously choose to drive your car or do something stupid.
  • You could claim that you have it under control, but the question is, how many innocent lives lost before you drunkards realize that people's lives are worth more than having a nice good time.
  • I am sorry, it's now your call, the blood would then be on your hands, I have said what I need to say, now the ball's in your court.

  • Haseenullah, I will miss you my friend, Al- Fatihah. May Allah bless your deeds and may Allah forgive all your wrongdoings.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Elegy : Protes Kebetahan Hati

ang cabaran mula memetir,

Tabah meredah tak rela diusir,

Gelombang cekal tinggalah sisa,

Wajar diperangi sentakan wibawa!

Usah dipukul justifikasi prejudis,
Itu cumanya makanan sang protagonis,
Prinsip dinadikan dengan amalan,
Kikislah kabut dan persengketaan!

Panahan bicara membuka minda,
Agar terkesima segala cereka,

Tercambah bibit pembaharuan ,

Harapan janganlah punah dari ingatan!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Epilog : +ve pressure

  • The torrid week was over, but for me the fight just started. Thus begins the longest 5 weeks in my life.
  • That's the time I have before the start of the final exams. I think it's more than enough for me to get extensively prepared for the exams.
  • The pressure of scoring and trying to attain a proper scholarship and help ease my parents burden is of course getting to me.
  • I take this as a form of positive pressure, nothing's changed, last few years it was the same kind of position and same kind of pressure, I hope that I could just live up to expectations this time.
  • It's always to convert any sort of pressure to a positive one, because if you don't it'll add unnecessary tensions that no one would ever wish for.
  • I will have to be more consistent, and quick to absorb all this stuff. Because to me there's nothing more important then making the flight back home with a smile on my face!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Music Vid : Quicksand - Incubus

"Quicksand" the monster is awake
It won't rest until there's nothing left
Maybe ever and anon
I forget about the pain
Someone bending light comes along
and flowers lean towards the sun
Some people fall in love and touch the sky
Some people fall in love and find Quicksand
I hover somewhere in between...I swear...
I can't make up my mind.

one of my favourite tracks on this album, love it.

Epilog : Conundrum Strikes Back

Exam's galore, heart's and mind verily sore, I pray that I'd be given strength to outwit this catastrophe once more.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Epilog : Political Oblivion

I have left this place for quite sometime, here I am again, raring to go.

  • Politics. Bukan lagi satu keterasingan bagi mana satu sahabat aku yang telah lama kenal akan budi pekerti aku, yang aku orang yang tidak minat akan politikus dan najis-najis yang digembleng sekali oleh perjuangan kosong itu.
  • Bagiku, politics is what it is. Especially bila ia membabitkan politik yang diwar-warkan pada zaman ini. It is a dirty game altogether.
  • Nothing is ever certain with politcs in this age. It is riddled with messed up cynical puppets who fight to fit their usual facade.
  • Well, that aside. Aku nak cerita yang baru-baru ni, banyak pulak persatuan yang ajak mengajak aku join their respective clubs.
  • Persatuan-persatuan ini mengelolakan semangat ingin menyatupadukan segala rantai masyarakat Malaysia yang bertapak di bumi Mesir ini.
  • I am with my stand. Apa yang aku nampak, persatuan/kelab ini kebanyakannya punya agenda terselit dan tak kurang sebenarnya hanya percambahan dari parti politik negara.
  • And no, aku bukanlah anti-establishment even worst, an anarchist. I am not really feelin any zest towards politcs for now.
  • As for the future maybe, aku akan vote depending on where I vote and the candidate I will have my vote is the one who I see best fit.
  • I think we should not be drawn towards popularity and party-ism,instead, we should be focusing on the individual and what he could offer towards the community, first!.
  • If I am wrong then forgive me. I will repeat this again, I am not here to join any political group, I am not here to win any ill-fated posts.
  • I am here to first and foremost get my degree and fulfill me and my family's wishes. If I was granted with fun and experience along those 5 years, then all credit is due to Allah.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Elegy : The Awakening

Just as the alarm beeps,
I could no longer seethe
The air of my dreams,

Could no longer see,
Today has landed,
The sun shone brightest,
Punctured the darkness,
Our sights are blissful,
The first flight of sunrise,

Captivating our eyes.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lost Beautiful Minds (series,ep.2, The Philistinism Misconception)

Last time out I highlighted the catharses, its effects and its general concerns and impacts on our lives. This is not asking anyone of us to throw away our TV's or stop watching it.

It's a call, to view things, with a more broader view, richer perspective. If we continue to watch and not have a general consensus,realize and see through the lies, then we are boldly staring at a global catastrophe that would envelop our minds such as when we receive things that are surreal,we wouldn't deny it.

This is called Disinformation, whereby a lot of truth is enveloped together with lies, covering it up to perfection.

To sum it up, in Tun Mahathir's own words, in a recent interviewed he mentioned

"Of course, we can also acquire knowledge through television but we cannot gain an education just by watching television alone. They say a picture paints a thousand words. Sometimes when you look at a picture, you see not just one but many thousands of words. However, understanding still may not come and so you do not produce."

What he was trying to convey is that, in my own interpretation, a picture paints a thousand words, with TV you get a thousand words, but you're not able to put those words into context and get the essence of the message, so you remains in trance state of illusory, all confused and purged with emotion. And that is where our TV watching minds are easily influenced.

The Philistinism Misconception

What do we all make of the populous today and it's mentality?
Have you failed to notice how easily entrenched the global populous minds when virtually anything is thrown to them?
Like a bunch of hungry hounds they feast on whatever it is that's being served at them!
Any new trends, fads, fashion or whatsoever it is their ignorant eyes could be deceived to coerce their pockets in order to not be left out.
It's not a new disease, it is a global pandemic that has been ongoing ever since men had step foot on this very earth.

Over the years, a lot have yearned to the fact that it is not wrong to be frivolous with their spendings and that its justified because they work hard to earn that money.
These thoughts, these pedagogy had been instilled into mankind for generations.
It is these thinking that had brought mankind into a deep state of paranoia, a paranoid recluse that's afraid to lose his or her money or belongings even though it is to aid for a better cause.
It is this kind of unjust feeling that had breed a wholesome sense of insecurity in all of us, an absence of empathy that had horde a powerful hate towards helping one another.

Have we forgot what we've been taught in schools, home or even by our respective religions?
To be just, helpful and spread equal wealth throughout the world?
Isn't this lessons taught so that we could have lived side by side with equality of wealth surpassing the greed of many?

It is not wrong to be wealthy, but with it comes a great responsibility, that the notion of giving, should be able to rise from one's heart and not from any form of unnecessary push or pressure.

In The Art of War, the infamous essay translation of Sun Tzu by Denma it was mentioned;

"When wealth is exhausted, people are hard-pressed by local taxes"

No one could argue to the fact that taxes largely around the world had been misused. That large sum of money would render anyone pointless and they would have a hard time handling it, and there and then, the deviation starts to happen.

And this is why, for the sole purpose, spreading wealth is not only for the tax payers, it is also for the non tax payers.

Not only for the rich but to almost anybody who has sufficient enough change and an ounce of kindness in them.

I firmly believe that all religions mainly teaches its believers to be just, righteous and always giving out to the needy. As I don't have the necessary knowledge of other religions, I might want to highlight the ones being taught in Islam. (mind you, that if a Muslim claims to practice Islam, they should be able to apprehend and fulfill these requirements)

In Islam, when one acquires such amounting wealth, then one should be able to spread it either by means of Zakat or self-righteousness.
And when delving into the subject of self-righteousness, Allah SWT has promised so much bounty and rewards, such as in this excerpt taken from the Holy Quran ;

Righteousness does not consist in whether you turn your faces towards the east or the west; what is righteous is to believe in God and the last day, and the angels, and the Book, and the messengers; to spend of your substance, out of love for Him, for your kin, for orphans, for the needy, for the wayfarer, for those who ask, and for the ransom of slaves; to be steadfast in prayer, and practise regular charity; to fulfil the contracts which you have made; and to be firm and patient, in pain (or suffering) and adversity, and in times of war. Such as do so are people of truth. Such are the God-fearing. (Al-Baqara, 177)

Furthermore, what makes it a righteous act is not the resulting consequence but rather the intention that is behind it. That is why our acts of righteousness should be solely done to seek the approval from God and not the contemporary limelight that this world offers. This is what separates a righteous deed from the often termed "charity".

Our ignorant populous had shaped itself to be ignorant in terms of charity. No longer is it based on social solidarity but rather it had become a personal desire to win affection of the people.

If we all pitch in to help, bit by bit, the skewed thread that had misled this avaricious populous will be sewn up, and we will be able to witness then, the more giving more fond and affectionate populous that would help each other out in any kind of situation.

But it would all begin, with us, with our very hands and hearts making a difference, no matter how small we contribute and no matter what we contribute, we could stand up and make a difference, NOW!

So, stop satisfying your tyrannous greed, stop chasing popularity, and start by giving away solidarity.

"Greed leads to condemnation, but modesty and contentment with little lead to mercy,”

Lost Beautiful Mind is a series that's written in urge and sincere efforts of the author to highlight different happenings in our society in search for the intellectual and beautiful thinking minds that is dissipating and disappearing every pasing minute.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am tired, internally.

I talk to myself, a lot.

I'm not crazy.

I'm just freakishly expressive.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lost Beautiful Minds (series, ep1 The Cathartic Experience)

The Cathartic Experience

Why is it in today's modern society, with all it's overzealous globalization, and fast forwarding technology, the very minds of our society is still caught up in a trance state of ignorance?

Martin Wolf said "The problem today is not that there is too much globalization, but that there is far too little." Fast forward 6 years, and we've since learned that there's little truth in what was claimed by Mr.Wolf. The populous is too entrenched with materialism that it makes for a worrying statistical reading.

Look around yourselves, look at your friends, or God forbid, look at yourselves!

Stop. Breathe. Take another second to conjure up an ounce of thought.

There's an air of need in all of us, to keep up with upcoming fads and trends, to strive in order to not be left out, no? If you're shaking your head in disbelief, then I sincerely salute you, for your arduous struggle and your persistence against this vast growing populous that feeds on unnecessary neediness.

When dealing with trends and fads, sure enough, the distinguished power of advertising springs to mind. What better way to draw attention than advertisements, be it on the idiot box, a billboard or the internet.

When talking about adverts through TV for an instance, it is believed that our minds are entrapped in a trance state illusion as we peel our eyes, giving the idiot box all our attention span, our conscience undergoes a deep catharses.

Allowing us then to either fall for or reject outwardly whatever it is that's on display. That's is why you get emotionally skewed whilst watching a film or anything, it is the trance state illusion complexity that had shunned and mixed our distinct reality with the fantasy.

That's one of the true powers of the idiot boxes that lies in our very living room. It creates the cathartic experiences, we would cry,laugh and smile all at its will.

But this catharses could sometimes emerge as positive infatuation, but there are forces/ people who are keen to take advantage of this emotional conundrum, allowing viewers to be stuck with negative catharses.

Let me try to put prime key examples over the years of how it is done.

Take a good look at say, the news, and for an instance the recent quakes in Haiti was on, and the news gets us to be in such catharses that it affects us deeply to see people lose their lives.
This is indeed a positive infatuation from a positive catharses.

But it could all turn dark in an instant, from that key noted point that people had already purged their emotions, now banks, association would seem to lend their thoughtful hand, and help become a medium to transfer of money and such, but truth be told half or most of the money will be diverted someplace else.

I am talking based on the past experiences of the Aceh Tsunami incidents, Palestine Fundraisers and such.

The other example that could be given is the negative catharses that could be experienced, giving viewers a negative infatuation just about almost everything.

Take the 9/11 incidents for instant, to those unaware viewers, I assume had come to one simple conclusion that all Muslims are terrorists and that Islam is a religion that practices violence and such.

And the spotlight had never stop tending on anything at all. Every single mistake, every inch of opportunity they could do to bring the catharses to yet another level is one they would take to entice the hate to another level.

But of course for the educated, aware viewers would know very well to rationalize and have the truth sought out first rather than making conclusions based solely on their emotions.

be continued, inshaAllah.

Lost Beautiful Mind is a series that's written in urge and sincere efforts of the author to highlight different happenings in our society in search for the intellectual and beautiful thinking minds that is dissipating and disappearing every pasing minute.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Elegy: Blisters of a Coffee Cup

A portrait turning grey,
It's painting fading fast,
The colors ripples away,
Washes off all our history.

These blisters,
On my coffee cup,
The pain anomaly,
This is my story.

Treading my space,
I won't move,
This pain of knowing,
You can't come home.