Thursday, March 31, 2011

Epilog : Still Running

  • The title writes itself I guess. Running, a passion of mine by which I can never master upon the art of perfecting it.
  • I always run by myself, alone. It's better to go by yourself at your pace. When I was in CUCMS I had Dzul, one hell of a runner, who never stops pushing himself.
  • I never found myself to be a long distance runner till I was at the end of school. That was when realized it, there and then, I would have to do this more often, that this was gonna be my thing.
  • And from there on out, I never looked back. I love running long distance. I always look to join marathons and charity runs.This wasn't for the sake of competing, but it's to learn more by observing others and put myself to test.
  • The one thing I hold onto when running is that, you plug in your earphones, you begin your run, and never ever look back. Always beat the small fearful soul in your mind, the voice that tells you to stop, these negativity has to be fought.
  • I will never consider myself a professional or anything even remotely close, as I do it, just because I love it. I do it out of my love of exploring and pushing myself to the extreme.
  • A lot of people always say that they can't run long distance, they can't endure those painful long non stop jogs. It's all a myth. The secret is that when you give it a go and never look back, you will unlock the best part of your limits, and all the undying negativity that stops you will be blown away.
  • When running, all you need is, proper clothing, running shoes and a good ass mp3 player loaded with songs that gives you that extra oomph. and oh yeah, JUST DO IT.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lupe Fiasco - Letting Go Ft Sarah Green

I don't usually post the lyrics altogether, but I just love this song, and it means an awful lot to me, hope it could take you away the way it did to me. Brilliant lyrics and tune.

Things are getting outta control

Feels like I'm running out of soul
You are getting too heavy to hold
Think I'll be letting you go

[Verse 1: Lupe Fiasco]
My self portrait shows a man that the wealth tortured
Self-absorbed with his own self-forfeit
A shelf full of awards
Worshiping the war ships that set sail on my sea of life
When I see my own self I wonder if we still see a light
We was tight seeing lights
Speaking right and breathing life
Now I see my demons and barely even sleep at night
I don't get high life keep me at a decent height
As the old me I predicted all my recent plights
Exhausted. Trying to fall asleep. Losses at my recent fights
Burdens on my shoulders now, burnin' all my motives down
Inspiration drying up, motivation slowing down

I'm begging me don't let me go
We vow like the letter "Oh"
To never go our separate ways
And spin-off into separate shows
Tired of all the wardrobe changin'
Playing all these extra roles
Filled with all these different spirits
Livin' off these separate souls
Point in life is getting hollow
Can't wait for the exit hole
Give me room. The entry room. Let me in and let me go
So I can roam around this wilderness
See it for what it really is
I'm prepared to filter list
Magnify the youth in me, alibi the shootin' spree
Amplify the revolution, sanitize the lunacy
Strip away the justice, justify the scrutiny
I can see the lasers shootin' out of you and me

[Bridge: Lupe Fiasco]
Sometimes I feel like the world—
Sometimes I feel like the world is against me
And everything that I've done before
I swear we used to be so pure
But we can't be in love no more
Cause I don't wanna fight this war

But when I put down my gun
I turn around and pick up one
This uzi weighs a ton, but I think I'm done!

All Rights Reserved to LUPE FIASCO

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Elegy : United States of the Insane

Bullets like your words,
Pierces my medulla,
Send shivers on my scapula,
Farewell to our ties.

Fond memories within,
Seems puzzled with direction,
Lost in translation,
Game over to your ignorance.

There's a mental barricade,
Pull yourself some brakes,
Amnesia's a common mistake.
Your mind is intertwined.

Will this tune ever stop?
Our egos made us proud,
This cracked portrait,
You and I,
We'll go crazy for awhile.

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