Monday, October 25, 2010

Epilog : The Humble Pie of Knowledge

  • Today, I read something. I knew it was something because with this substantial input I have a new, albeit old, discovery. But what do I do about it?
  • Does this mean what I have is recycled knowledge? It might be, to certain extent, but the value of knowledge, recycled or pure, seems undervalued by many of us.
  • Why do we read? Why students embattled countless of sleeping hours in order to study? The answers given are likely Grade compliant, we're no longer a society which seeks virtues in attaining knowledge, we're fast becoming a bunch of Grade suckers.
  • What we all fail to realize that knowledge, is best when its essence is put to practice.
  • This attitude of "churning notes and regurgitating them on the day of the exam is fast becoming a trend every corner of the globe.
  • We no longer seek knowledge for what it is. We're a bunch of grade suckers, you and I.
  • We're seeking approval of people, the praises, the hope that our mammoth of a grade would be noticed by all those who are around us.
  • What we fail to realize is, when we continue to chase grades, the longer it is our lives will be under constant pressure.
  • Pressure which at first seems positive, shaped and convoluted into a negative imagery of despair. The knowledge henceforth is lodged into short term mode.
  • We need to appreciate knowledge and its essence. Be proud of new things, facts and findings which we learn instead of being portentous with grades.
  • Only then will we feel the respect and the appreciation towards knowledge like never before.
  • Lest we chase the approval of others rather than self satisfaction of acquiring knowledge like never before.
  • Grades will come eventually, and when its coupled with appreciated knowledge and prayers, one could then be a fully fledgling being fulfilling his duties.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Elegy : Pictorial Hemisphere

Lens of nature,
The eyes discover,
The power of wonder,
Our pictorial hemisphere.

Covering cracks of disaster,
We tend to paper them over,
This flower's gonna bloom fire,
Lit up by man's evil desire.

Demise of character,
Apprehending answer,
Her fall from power,
Portrait of anger.

Pictorial hemisphere,
Amnesia clears the weather,
Forgets it ever after,
Historical death by plunder.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

VIDEO : The Truth of Timeline in History?

Have this video maker made all his points and are these points/conclusions drawn within the means of Quran and Hadith? I don't think so, and this is why

its easy to jump to theories, and we certainly love the easy conclusions made. But if we were to live our lives as true muslims, these conclusions, hypotheses have to be made on the basis after consulting the hadith and Quran. wallahu'alam